November 13

Abusing Kids is Wrong!

AloneChildren are helpless against adults and don’t deserve to be abused. They are smaller, weaker, and not able to defend themselves. Also their brains are still developing and can’t fully think for themselves. If they say no or try to defend themselves they will get abused a lot more than they did the first time. They also won’t defend themselves because they are way to scared to try because the parents are big and smart and kids are not. Parents know that is wrong and they think it is punishment but isn’t it is a horrible thing to do when kids can’t defend themselves. Child abuse is one the most cruelest things to do to a kid.

If parents don’t abuse their kid they won’t get hurt. When parents abuse their kid they will get hurt and if we stop that they won’t get hurt at all.  Parents are supposed to love and care for their kid or kids and when they abuse their kid that is not caring for them at all and it is mean to them. It is not nice to abuse kids, people, dogs, etc. because you are supposed to love your things and not treat them like a piece of trash. it is not caring to abuse your kid or anything that is yours. it is not nice to abuse.  I do dangerous things outside mom?” and they said “I don’t care do whatever you want.” It is sad.

Any type of child abuse is illegal.  It is against the law to abuse kids. There are lots of different types of child abuse and a lot of them are inappropriate and wrong to  do to a kid. Lots of different people  can abuse children strangers can and your friends parents can and lots of different people can abuse kids. People can be separated from their kid and they can be arrested for abusing kids. Kids don’t feel safe when they get abused and they will need secure not unsafe. People know it is wrong and it is sad to see kids get hurt and get sad and cry and get bruises on them.

When parents abuse their kid they are being a bad example to their kid. Parents are suppose to be a good example to their kid and when they abuse them it is like saying it is OK to abuse their kid when are older. It is being a horrible example to their kid when they hit and do very bad things to them. It makes me sad to see parents be a bad example to their kid and do bad things it is like they don’t care about. Like if they said can “I do dangerous things outside mom?” and they said “I don’t care do whatever you want.” They are not being a bad example.It is disgusting to see that happen to kids.

Child abuse is the most horrible things to do to a kid. If we stop child abuse there will not be anyone will get in trouble and go to jail and there will not be any separations and the world will be more happy. There are a lot of benefits to stop child abuse like no hitting the kids, more love in the world, no separating anyone from anyone , and lots more things. It will change the world if we stop child abuse. Do you think that we should punish child abuser more harshly? Think about that for a while.

Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight