March 12

Claude Monet

Claude Monet is very famous for his style of art. He had a very sketchy type of style that people didn’t really like at first but later loved.

Claude was born in 1840, in Paris, France. Later in 1845, he and his family moved to Le Havre. Claude didn’t enjoy school, but he loved sketching it. When Claude Monet was a man he met Eugene Boudin. Eugene was very different compared to other painters at the time. He painted out side. He invited Claude to paint with him and he had decided that he wanted to become a painter.


This is one of Monet’s very famous water lilies. He really concentrated on the light and the way the light appeared in the picture.


Claude didn’t just enjoy painting he also enjoyed his wife in the garden, his son playing on the terrace, and train stations. One time he stopped the trains just so he could paint them.

A few years later. Claude found a village called Giverny. He bought a house there and made a pond with his favorite plant, the water lily. He then became very devoted to painting water lilies.

Monet died in 1926 at the age of 86. He died a well loved artist and many people still remember him and his artwork today.