May 21

History of Computers!

Could you imagine life without cell phones, tablets, or calculators? These are all computers. They are important part of our daily lives. Here is some information about computer history.

What computers are

So what are computers? They are defined as devices for saving and processing data. They were created initially to calculate math problems.  Charles Babbage was the first one to invent the computer. It was a mechanical computer but he never managed to completely build it. The first digital, electromechanical programmable computer called Z3 was built by Konrad Zuse in Germany in 1941.  Another fact is that the first computer mouse was made out of wood

First Modern computer

First modern, electronic computer was called  ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) and was built in 1946-1947. It took as much as 1800 square feet of space. Early computers often stopped working. Sometimes it was caused by bugs. Not the software errors but actual insects that got trapped in these machines.

Computers now

Nowadays, people have much smaller and faster computers  And now they are not just used for calculating math problems  They are to look things up, to upload pictures, to print and to help us in our daily lives.They are also getting more powerful. But about 6,000 computer  viruses are released each month. That is one of the down sides of computers. But according to Moore’s law, computers get twice as fast every 18 months.

One thing is sure, it looks we will always use computers in our daily lives. I typed this homework on a computer, but who knows, maybe in few years, a computer would be able to write it all by itself.


January 17

Too much time online hurts kids

How much time do you spend outside?  kids need to stop going online and spend a day outside for a change.Well if you do then you should stop going online that much. Most kids spend about 10 hours a day online to play video games! Kids spend too much time online. It is important for kids to spend time with their family and friends, kids need exercise, and kids injure themselves when they lose games.

Photo Credit: Lucélia Ribeiro via Compfight

Children at school

Kids that are addicted to computer games

Kids need to spend some time with their family and friends. Kids ages 8 – 18 spend about 75 hours and 15 minutes every week going online and that is bad because kids are choosing to play on their computer instead of playing with their family and friends.  Kids need to spend more time with their friends and their family.

Kids also need exercise. British kids spend less than 30 minutes outside a week! In fact 37% out of 1,000 parents have never taken their kids looking for wildlife, which means they have never taken their kids hiking, biking, or camping.


Some kids even  injure themselves whenever they lose video games. According to the China news 1,600 non violent video gaming kids were 2.4 more times likely to have self-injured themselves over the past 3 months. Violent video game players were 5 times as likely. Losing video games can also lead to depression or can also lead to family problems.

So stop going online that much if you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. So be more active and try not to be one of the 23% of kids who say they are addicted to video games. It’s not healthy for you sitting in front of a screen half of the day. You will miss fun activities with your family and friends, so don’t get addicted to video games! Video games online sure can be fun, but limit your time when online.

December 2

Broken computers

What’s worse than not having a computer to do your work on? I think a computer that doesn’t work properly.  It’s really frustrating having one that does things like delete stuff, freezes, or won’t connect to the Internet.  We have broken computers in our class and I’d like to have new computers. I think we would all be more efficient with our projects with new computers.

The computers in my class keep shutting down. We can not access our documents  so we can not do our projects.The computers start to go black and freeze. It is really bad when we are doing projects like on Glogster and the computers go to black. We cannot do our projects if they keep going to black. If we cannot get anything done fast we will not have anything to put on the blog or on the wall.

Broken computers waste time and batteries. If the computers were new we would not have to charge them as much. We would get our projects done faster on the computers. If we don’t need to charge them as much the cart will not be as tangled up so we should only use the cart 2 times a day now we are using it like 4 times a day. If the computers are broken they go black they waste time and batteries and  we could get more done if they were not broken.John the tech guy is here for hours a day trying to fix our computers and they still don’t work.

The computers won’t let us go on Active Engage and that is bad. The teacher can’t send us  questions. When the teacher will send us questions half the class will drop. We do math questions on Active Engage and if the computers are broken we can not do math questions.

In conclusion, my classroom would really benefit from having new computers. We can do stuff like write on our computers every day read on the computers to make it easier. And doing projects so they will get done faster


November 22

Replace our computers at school

Every day I get really annoyed when my netbook computer doesn’t work. I feel like screaming when I can’t connect to the network. Our classroom has Lenovo computers that are four years old. I think our classroom would benefit from new computers.

Every time we try to use Active Engage it doesn’t work properly. When it doesn’t work for some people it annoys the teacher. We use Active Engage to bring answers to the teacher. She sends out a questions. I really like it when she sends out questions because I don’t like it when people yell out the answer and spoil the answer.When we use Active Engage I can think about my answer.

The tech guy fixed our computers but they still don’t work at all and it gets worse and worse ever time he fixes them. The last time he fixed the computers we couldn’t print anymore and we couldn’t get on Glogster.

One thing people hate a lot is that the computers crash a lot and that means they shut down all by themselves. If a program doesn’t work and not responds in 5 minutes it will work for 1 second then the computer freezes for another 5 minutes and it does that forever. That once happen to me my netbook just crashed. Today I was  typing a response to a discussion in My Big Campus and it just crashed. I lost all my work. I was really sad because it took me a long time to write my response.

I think this is a good Idea that we would replace our computers at school. I think that we should because of all these problems and the teacher won’t get annoyed everyday. We should also change our teacher’s computers because she also has these problems to. That is why I think we should replace our computers.if we had new computers we can go to different websites that lag all the time.My Laboratory 
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November 20

We need better computers

Gloomy hard at work
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: dollie_mixtures via Compfight

We need better working computers for all schools so that the students and teachers won’t have any problems with computers anymore. If they work properly students wouldn’t need to ask teachers for help because of network problem or computers crashing. My class would benefit greatly if we don’t need to worry about computers not working or crashing and finished our work on time.

The computers we have sometime turned off after they’re fully charged and won’t turned on, almost every month at least three times or more the tech guy comes to my classroom to fix our computers and we have problem almost every day! He fixed them, and then he comes again the next month or the next few weeks. Sometimes, he comes and it’s chaos because a lot of people get the same problem at the same time.

Most of the time when we are working on the computers the screen blacks out. We have to hold the power button 5 seconds or maybe less and it can damage your computer or the battery. If we had better and newer computers, we wouldn’t have network problems it won’t shut down by itself.

Then we would not need to buy new computer for at least 3 or 5 years so the schools won’t wasted that much money. Schools in New York wasted $542 million dollars a year for technology. That won’t happen if we had new computers that’s why we should have new computer so schools won’t have to spend that much money a year.

This would help schools to not spend a lot of money, students won’t have to run to the teacher for help then there won’t be chaos they won’t need to replace the battery or hard drive. The computer will not have scratches or fingerprint on the screen and it will not have little rocks in the keyboard. We can go to website like Glogster and My Big Campus. That why my school classes would prefer getting newer computers.

My class computer are about 5 years old, that’s maybe one of the problems it’s not working that well my class should get newer computer because we can finish our  work and have time to finish other work that we didn’t finish. If we get newer or more improved computers none of the reason that I’ve listed will happen.

November 14

We need new computers

Our school needs new computers! I’m going to give you some good reasons why. I hope I can convince you that we need new computers here at Curie Elementary School. We need the best computers to be the best students.


Totally frustrated with a netbook!

One reason we need new computers is because our old computers don’t always connect to the internet. Many of our computers turn themselves off while we are using them. Another reason our old computers need to be replaced is because when we try to turn them off, sometimes they don’t turn off all the way, and the batteries run out. Often, they freeze in the middle of a project. Losing work slows me, and other students, down and wastes our work time. These days, we use computers for almost everything: writing, research, word processing, etc. We students deserve to have computers that run smoothly.

Our classrooms would benefit from having new computers. Please consider the examples I have presented. I hope you will agree that we are in desperate need of new computers at Curie Elementary School.