November 20

We need better computers

Gloomy hard at work
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: dollie_mixtures via Compfight

We need better working computers for all schools so that the students and teachers won’t have any problems with computers anymore. If they work properly students wouldn’t need to ask teachers for help because of network problem or computers crashing. My class would benefit greatly if we don’t need to worry about computers not working or crashing and finished our work on time.

The computers we have sometime turned off after they’re fully charged and won’t turned on, almost every month at least three times or more the tech guy comes to my classroom to fix our computers and we have problem almost every day! He fixed them, and then he comes again the next month or the next few weeks. Sometimes, he comes and it’s chaos because a lot of people get the same problem at the same time.

Most of the time when we are working on the computers the screen blacks out. We have to hold the power button 5 seconds or maybe less and it can damage your computer or the battery. If we had better and newer computers, we wouldn’t have network problems it won’t shut down by itself.

Then we would not need to buy new computer for at least 3 or 5 years so the schools won’t wasted that much money. Schools in New York wasted $542 million dollars a year for technology. That won’t happen if we had new computers that’s why we should have new computer so schools won’t have to spend that much money a year.

This would help schools to not spend a lot of money, students won’t have to run to the teacher for help then there won’t be chaos they won’t need to replace the battery or hard drive. The computer will not have scratches or fingerprint on the screen and it will not have little rocks in the keyboard. We can go to website like Glogster and My Big Campus. That why my school classes would prefer getting newer computers.

My class computer are about 5 years old, that’s maybe one of the problems it’s not working that well my class should get newer computer because we can finish our  work and have time to finish other work that we didn’t finish. If we get newer or more improved computers none of the reason that I’ve listed will happen.