January 14

Meet a Coywolf

The first-ever coywolf appeared in 1919 in Southern Ontario. The coywolf family is a mix of western coyotes and eastern wolves. They are all canid meaning that they are part of a dog family. An average coywolf can reach up to 5 feet in length and 35 to 45 pounds. Right now I will estimate that coywolves are about 10 to 20 pounds. What I will also say is that Coywolves have a thick coat that can be yellowish.

Coywolf pups

Coywolf pups Weight about 55pounds.Coywolves are up to times the size of regular coyotes, with bigger jaws and more muscle to match. Also, coywolves are a little bigger than coywolf pups. Coywolfs pups are born from mid-march to mid-may. Their eyes and ears close shut for ten days to two weeks. The pups can only drink their mom’s milk at that time. Before the pups are born the pack will make a den for the pups in large groups.

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December 18

Coywolf Pups

Coywolf pups are so cute, you may want to cuddle with them any time not just in the night. Their little faces, their little bodies, their pointy ears, and their long snout makes them so cute. Pups are small enough you can hold them from your wrist to your elbow. Pups are so light you could hold them with just one arm. Coywolves live all through Canada to Eastern North America.

When and Where They Were Born?

Coywolf pups are born from mid March to mid May. The pups can’t do much when they are born. The pups eyes and ears are sealed for ten days to two weeks. Pups can only drink their moms milk at that time. Before the pups are born the pack will make a den for the pups in large rocky and dense areas with lots of trees. Sometimes they will use the dens of other animals. Coywolves live all though Canada to Eastern North America. Pups first come out of their den at three months old but they will stay very close to their den.

What Are They Like?

When the pups are born their fur color is grayish blond and will stay like that until they are adults. When they are adults their fur will change to blondish black. Pups have little pointed ears that are super soft. Pups have little snouts with lots of whiskers. Pups have very little paws when they are born until they are adults. Pups have round brown eyes for their whole life. Pups have very soft fur that will keep them warm for their entire life.
Pups Height and Weight

When the pups are born they are less than a pound. At about three to four months they are four to five pounds. Pups are only three to five inches tall. When they are adults they are twenty to twenty five inches tall.

How Long They Live?

Coywolves live for four to seven years old. When pups are about two years old they can leave their parents to start a new pack or they can stay with their parents for the rest of their life.

So now you know how cute coywolf pups are.

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