February 11

Drones Stink!

Phone the Drone Ars Electronica Center via Compfight

By Ava    

Lots of people are thinking dones are fun so they want to buy drones but we need to get them under control. Thieves can use drones to spy on other people. Drones are very expensive. Drones are also taking over jobs that people do.

How would you like it if someone broke into your house? Well now they can with drones. Right now a drone could be spying on you and in a matter of minutes someone can break into your house.

Some drones can cost up to $150, $290, or even over $1,000. who would want a toy that would waste all of your allowance. Sometimes a drone will cost a lot of money but will break down, and will waste your money.   

Drones are taking over things that we do which is not a good idea because it will make people lazy and not wanting to do their job(s). Kids are going to soon have drones doing their homework, which will increase kids lack of smarts.

To some people a drone can be very disturbing, but to most people think drones are fun and good to play with. For drones there are more bad reasons than good, that is why we should ban DRONES from California.


February 10

Doomed Drones

   Ich habe heute leider keinen Titel für dich.Creative Commons License Chris Blank via Compfight

By Quinci

What is a drone? A drone is an aircraft that can navigate autonomously, without human control soas they will take people’s jobs, invade privacy , and they don’t carry much or go to far also they are dangerous

Drones shouldn’t be for delivery because it can be dangerous to planes.In the spring of 2014 a 375lbs drone that was flew by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed outside of a elemantry school in near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, school was out so no body was hurt.

Drones invade people’s privacy.There was a lady sunbathing topless in the privacy of her secluded backyard near Melbourne, Australia and a drone, hired by a real estate agent to take photos of the property next door to her house was, and making a buzzing sound. Later she was horrified to discover a picture the drone had taken, showing her mostly naked body was in billboard real estate ads.

Drones don’t carry a lot and only so go far.drones can only carry up to 5lbs, that’s only 86% of Amazon’s deliveries. A test shows that it can will only go 10 miles said Bezos. Their lithium batteries can only last 2 to 3 year, also their  batteries can explode and blow up your package and the drone.

If we have drones people will be losing their jobs because the drone will deliver your packages not the mailman, Over 500,000 drones have been sold.There are many people that have jobs caring packages where will they go , WHERE WILL THEY GO!

On the other side they can be handy, fast, and can fly and that means it can beat traffic.Thousands of drones are taking over the skies and need to be contained so drones so not be for delivery. They will take people’s jobs, invalid private , and they don’t carry much or go to far.

February 4

Drones Safe or Not?

VinceFL via Compfight 

by Rami


Here is a drone.

The definition of the word drone is an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate by   itself beyond the line of sight. Does that really sound very safe? Drones can be fun but they are also dangerous so we need to control their use. Drones were built for fun not safety! They are dangerous, they can cause dangerous problems, and the government doesn’t have a way to keep track of all the drones.

One reason we should ban drones is that drones are actually very dangerous. If a drone hits you it could send you to the hospital, or even kill you! There have been many drone caused accidents and here are a couple. Once a man was killed in Brooklyn when a drone hit him. another time a toddler was hit with wreckage when a man crashed his drone. Once a drone even crashed on the lawn of the white house.

The next reason that we should ban drones is that drones can cause lots of dangerous problems. If a drone hits a electricity line it could cause blackouts. Some drones also get in a plane’s path and could get hit. This is both a waste of a perfectly good drone and a hazard for the plane and passengers.

The last reason is that the government can’t keep track of who has a drone and who doesn’t. If someone flies their drone over private property their drone could get shot down and the owner could even get sued. An example of this was that once a man shot down a $18,000 drone that was flying over his property with a shotgun.

Even though drones are not very safe they are lots of fun. They can also be useful, police officers can use drones for surveillance or to spy on somebody. And just think about it wouldn’t it be cool to use the camera to fly around and just look. This was what other people thought until drones started causing trouble. As long as people fly drones they will always be a problem.