January 22

Drugs are bad for you

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Did you know 20,000 people die from illegal drug use each year? That’s a lot of people. Drug addiction can cause crime and is a major public health problem. Drugs are a problem and we should do more about it.Lots different drugs could kill you if you use drugs.

Drug abuse will make you very sick.If you ate a pill you will have diseases and there is lots of different diseases.Your mind can go crazy and you can get accidents.Drug abuse can give you lost wages and you don’t want lost wages.Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works.

Drugs can cause crime and violence. It can cause bad child abuse. Lots of drugs can cause domestic violence. Illegal drugs could cause one in four deaths.

Health care cost on drug addiction.Lung disease killed 4 million people in one year.78 million people die from HIV/AIDS.    They estimated that 34,833 people in died from cirrhosis.Drugs can hurt the body and the brain.

People should do what they want to do.Some people have freedom of speech. We should have freedom of privacy. People must stop abusing drugs.It will lower crime and heath care promebles.

November 9

About Drugs

My class is doing a health topic and right now we are studying about drugs. We learned that not all drugs are bad for you but you should NEVER take a drug from a kid, teen or untrusted parent! There are all sorts of drugs. There are pills, liquid and inhalants (those with poisonous fumes). We also learned that some drugs are called OTC drugs or over-the-counter. Oh yeah, I forget to tell you about medicines. Medicines are a type of drug but they are not as strong as prescription drugs. Drugs are not always bad for you they sometimes help you heal when you are sick BUT if you don’t follow the instructions correctly you might find your self getting sick or hurt.


October 22

Red Ribbon Week

Our school is doing Red Ribbon Week during October 22-26. We had an assembly on Friday to kick off the week. It was about saying no to drugs. Police officers came and talked to us about drug safety and told us about how we can help by not buying drugs or using drugs. They brought in a helicopter and an army truck. At lunch we got to go in the vehicles, look at the inside, and get autographs signed. I got my paper signed by someone named Carl. I thought he and his dog were awesome. His dog found a guy with drugs on him super fast during a demonstration. Red Ribbon Week is really fun.



Our class in front of an armored truck.