February 4

Die Food Dye!

Rainbow Pretzel

Can you believe that they put food dye in this!

Creative Commons License Alex Gorzen via Compfight

By Eliza H.

Food dye is bad for you so why do we have it in food? Food dye was invented in the year 1390 A.D and people still want it in food. Food dye should be removed from all food. Food dye can trick you, it has many chemicals and bugs in it, some people are allergic to it, and it is very bad for you.

Food dye can trick you to make it look like something it is not. It makes food look like it will taste better. Have you ever had cheetos? They look so good with that bright orange cheese powder. It might look good but, it has food dye in it and there is no cheese in it whatsoever. Do you like toasting marshmallows around a campfire? Surprise! Marshmallows have food dye too.

Food dye is made with chemicals and bugs. The chemical in food dye is the same one that is in gasoline, asphalt, and tar. The chemical is called  petroleum. And there are a variety of bugs that go in food dye.

Food dye is bad for your health. It can lead to cancer and ADHD if you eat too much and it can make you have hypersensitivity. Some people are allergic to it. Some side effects are eczema, hives, asthma, mixed emotions, flushing, headaches, itchy skin, and swelling of the face. Europe has taken food dye out of there food because they know it is bad for them and because they researched and found a link with hyperactivity in children and want to make sure they are not food dye’s next victim.

Food dye is a fun way to color your food. Food dye should not be in food even though it make food more enjoyable. Food dye does not help your health. It can lead to cancer and it has chemicals in it. And some people are allergic to it. This is why the U.S. should take food dye out of food.

November 21

What are you eating in the school cafeteria?

Do you care about the students who don’t know any better than to eat unhealthy? Do you care about what your child is eating? If you do, you should watch what your child is choosing to eat at lunch. So many kids are getting sick or are obese from school cafeterias.This is unacceptable, because these are the future generations of our nation.These are the kids that will grow up to be scientists, engineers, explorers; so, we DO need to take care at least to be sure they eat healthy!

Young kids are eating this food, and it develops a liking to this food.When people eat this food, it can make them sick and then they can’t do many things, like run and play.One of the worst illnesses to get is diabetes,and it can be really bad to have.When these children grow up, they make poor eating choices.

If kids eat the bad cafeteria food at school they will eat it at home, too, because the food in school cafeterias might taste good, but isn’t good for your body.Some schools serve pizza for breakfast and lunch, and then the kids eat it for dinner, too.

At some schools, the kids don’t even know what lettuce is! Much of the food in school cafeterias is at least 40% bad for you. At some schools,what they do to make chicken nuggets is basically grinding up the chicken, bones in, later breading and cooking, and worse. At some schools french fries count as vegetables! The meat they use is treated with growth hormones and that can get into humans. Then of course the milk is bad too. If there is also natural milk, the kids choose the flavored milk.

Each year, hundreds of kids get sick from cafeteria food.The food in school cafeterias is not healthy, especially to young kids.Some kids know this and are okay with it, but they should not be. Most kids don’t though, and they need to. If kids know this, they might want to stop eating the cafeteria’s food!

Photo credit: Samantha Young via Mommyish