March 5

Frog Fanatic

Why Bloggin’ Frogs you ask? It’s simple. I’m a frog fanatic. Our classroom is filled with all sorts of frogs. Big ones, small ones, green ones, pink ones, fat ones, flat ones, fluffy ones, glass ones, and even ones that wear sunglasses. They are on the walls, on the shelves, on the cupboards, on our folders and notebooks, and in every nook and cranny here, there, and everywhere. I think my frogs are cute little fellows who make our classroom very cheerful and fun. I worry though that my passion has gone a bit beyond a passion and is now more like obsession.

Finley, a stuffed frog, was the first frog. A student gave me Finley about ten years ago. Finley is soft and snuggly, and enjoys reading with students during book club time. Most of our stuffed frogs spend time reading with students. They’re like pillows. Finley even has a wife called Lilly who wears a cute pink sweater. Lilly arrived shortly after Finley, and so they are the oldest frogs in our classroom. Perhaps we should call them Mr. and Mrs. Frogesident. (Get it?)

After Finley and Lilly, the frogs just kept coming and coming and not just stuffed ones. Every holiday something froggy shows up. Last year I even got a tea cup and sauce that’s shaped like a frog. I think the students enjoy giving me the frogs as much as I like receiving them.

So that’s why we are called the Bloggin’ Frogs. We love bloggin’ and we love frogs. Which is your favorite?
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