November 17

Say no to guns

We should stop the shootings caused by guns.

Did you know that over 320,000 people die each year from a gunshot, and that is only in America? Think about how many more people die in the world from a gunshot. People die every day every hour every minute in the world from a gunshot. If we didn’t have guns then we wouldn’t have to be concerned that we could be hurt, and we would have a lot more people  and we would be a  happier and a safer world. That is why I think citizens should not own a gun.

If citizens didn’t own a gun there will be less random acts of violence, and, with that said people feel safer. On the news I have also seen that a group of men set and open fire in the mall in Kenya and more than 50 people were killed and 100 people were injured. When that happens people starts talking about the accident then people get sad because of their loved one or friend got injured or died.

People feel great sadness losing their loved ones. Without guns that would not happen as often. When people lose their loved ones it can lead to many problems and many circumstance. It can cause stress and coming back into a shell. It can cause it can lead to losing money if you’re a housewife and your husband died and you’re trying to find work and you have kids you need money. A friend of mine lost her father in a shooting. She is so devastated she was so young. If that man didn’t have a gun than her dad could still be living.

If citizens don’t have a guns the world would be a safer place and a better place. A few weeks ago there was a shooting in the  airport a person walked into L.A.X. and shot one of the security guards. Also once my mom told me at a movie theater at the premiere of the batman a guy went into the theater and shot almost everyone in the theater. Not just adults die from gunshots kids can to. Once a man went into an elementary school and killed all the kids including the teacher!

In articles of the constitution the second amendment says you can own a gun…Well our founding fathers wrote that 226 years ago in 1787, and back then you needed a gun to get food because you had to hunt to feed yourself, there were no supermarkets now there is where you get all your food. The revolutionary war just happened and the people didn’t know if they would be attacked by Britain once again. Many of the amendments in the constitution have been edited over the years and some of the amendments have been X out/deleted from the constitution.

People are better not owning a guns because there will be less random acts of violence, people won’t be loss and suffer from losing loved ones and friends, also we will feel safer in the world. If someone breaks into your house you have knives in your kitchen that you can use to protect yourself.  If people didn’t own a gun we could have a better country like happier people more people in the world and a safer world. I need all of you to help me make the world a better place.

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November 17

Straight Shooter

Do you think people should have the right to own a gun? I do think people should have the right to own a gun in order to protect themselves, it’s a second amendment right and for hunting purposes. However, I also think that the right to own a gun needs to come with rules that should be followed. I think that people have to be already licensed. To own a gun they have to take many classes and lessons, take a test and they have to renew their licenses every two years. If people follow the rules, all people will be safe and there won’t be any deaths. According to a recent poll, more than 50% of United State citizens own a firearm.

If a robber comes into your your house you could use a gun to protect yourself.  If  the burglar comes into your home and he/she tries to hurt you, you can kill or scare him with your gun. If the robber stole your valuable belongings, if you have a gun you would be able to protect your belongings. But if you didn’t have a gun your belongings would obviously be stolen. In fact ,some of my family members (my grandparents) were robbed. If they had a gun nothing of theirs would have been stolen.

The second  amendment of the United States Constitution states that  ‘’You have the right to keep and bear arms.’’Our founding fathers say that we should have the right to own a gun and I agree. Can you name any amendments from the first to tenth amendment that were changed? I can’t because there aren’t any.The first ten amendments are the ones that our founding fathers wanted us to keep forever.They did lead the way to a free and amazing country and only had a few rules they wanted us to keep and one of them was to keep the first ten amendments. So I think we should follow them. Another amendment says if the government ever turned against you, you could use a gun to protect yourself. So if that right was taken away we would now have two amendments that our founding fathers wanted us to keep but we didn’t. Our current president Barack Obama would like to change the law and say that you can’t own a gun and many people disagree with him.

If you like to hunt, you can’t hunt without a gun. Hunting has been an important part of survival for many Americans. and without guns, all the animals that we hunt wouldn’t be hunted. Every year there is a hunting season in the spring so that the deer don’t get overpopulated. If hunters didn’t go hunting,  the deers would get over populated and starve. Also, there are many books that I have read that include hunters as the main character. And the storyline is about their daily lives and how they survive on animals they killed through hunting.

The benefits of owning a gun are protection from burglars, being able to hunt and it is a tradition that has gone back hundreds of years. Poor families who can’t afford to buy good meat and can only buy organic meat, because they can hunt with a gun they can have fresh meat  that is healthy to eat. Many people just enjoy shooting a gun on a range.  It can also save your life. Without guns other countries could do a surprise attack and we would have nothing to protect ourselves with. According to Dr. Marshall St. John of Ammoland “Armed Americans prevent two million crimes a year with their gun”. So I think we should be able to have the right to bear arms. It is a basic right that everyone deserves and needs, and I hope you all agree with me.