December 3

Too Much Air Pollution

Beijing smog
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Have you ever wondered how much smog from factories there is in the world? Here is the answer there is over about 10% in the world.  And I would like to change that because we need clean air to breath and if there too much pollution, like car smog mankind may DIE! Because smog can get into lungs and that can cause the lungs to get damaged and that can often cause sickness. Did you know a bunch air pollution can cause asthma? Well it can.

Some of the smog can go off into the air and that can cause acid rain. Acid rain is rain that is made out of acid, that can get us hurt. There can be light or strong acid rain and both can hurt us.

To help get rid of air pollution we can plant more trees to get rid of bad things in the air. You know that you don’t have to start a big group to do that? You can plant trees at your home which seem like a  little help but it can really make a change.

Did you know that a bunch of headaches, and stomach aches, are caused by car fumes. Well it is true, and factory smog can do that too. We should stand up and tell the world to stand up and not let us get sick all the time because of the fumes. Because we love going outside and taking walks in the city, but sometimes we can’t or we’ll get sick.

Do you want to be unhealthy? Do you want people dying? Think about these questions.Make the right choice and help the world.





May 17

Tricky Trapdoor Spiders

She's a Mother!

She’s a mother!

I am going to tell you about the California Trapdoor Spider at Rose Canyon. They are amazing creatures that are actually different than a normal spider. They don’t build a web the actually live under ground! If you would like to learn more keep reading.

What does a Trapdoor Spider look like? A Trapdoor Spider looks like a tarantula but smaller and less hairy. It is brown and it has thick short legs. It is about the size of a 9 year’s old hand. This TrapDoor Spider has big jaws that are good for hunting insects.

 Where does a Trapdoor Spider live? Instead of a web a Trapdoor Spider lives in a burrow built in a hill made out of cool moist soil. It makes a door for of spider silk. When a Trapdoor builds its burrow it makes tunnels, 1 to go to the other two tunnels, 2 to get to the place where the eggs are laid and, 3 the place where they sleep.

What do they eat? A Trapdoor Spider eats insects like grasshoppers, bees, ants,  flies, moths, butterflies, and other small spiders. Do you wonder how they hunt? Because I can tell you. First the Trapdoor Spider will wait by the door, then when he hears an insect crawling by he will jump out and kill it with its venom.

 Well now you know all things about the California TrapDoor Spider, what it eats, how it eats, where it lives and what it looks like!

 Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Stavros Markopoulos via Compfight Canyon

April 30

The Secret Within

Hi, our names are Haley and Devon. We are each going to give yo five secrets that we think are hidden in the forest. But the thing is there is only one secret hidden in the forest and we are trying to figure it out. But you never know. We might find The Secret Within.

Hi, I am Devon. The first thing I think the secret in  the forest is a secret underground tunnel going into a gold mine. The next thing is a invisible secret smurf village. It is possible right. The third thing is a secret trap that transports you to the permuted triangle. Another thing I think is a spot in the middle of the forest were the dinosaur extinction happened. The last is a secret hideout for Tasmanian devils. Okay lets hear What Haley thinks.

Hi, I’m Haley. I think there are maybe secrets like animals like the Tasmanian Devil or a special type of bird. I also think there could be an underground rail road or tunnel. I think that there might be also be dinosaur bones. Another thing I think is there might be a secret tree house. The last thing I think is there could be a secret village.

Well thanks for visiting our post.