October 17

How Halloween was created

Have you wondered how Hallobooh!ween was created? Well here is how it was create from real facts researched  by me.

Halloween was first known as a festival and celebration by Samhain. Samhain was part of the ancient Celtic religion  in Britain at the time, Samhain was also in some other regions and countries of Europe said Google and bbc.co.uk. I read  an article that said, “At the end of Summer the border between the human world and the ghostly spirit world would get very thin that it sent the Celtics the message  that peculiar  spirits and ghouls and would be lurking out and about to the human world.” The Celtics would have a grand and big party that was all about scaring spirits away lurking ghouls and spirits. But later on the Christian religion got involved with it and the eve of November 1 became All Hallo’s eve.

America’s first Halloween took place in the 19th century when Irish immigrants immigrated to the U.S.A then when the word was spread out about Halloween , from there Halloween in America rose to it’s popularity with trick or treating, costumes, and most importantly CANDY!!!
Photo Credit: Martin Fisch via Compfight
Photo Credit: Martin Fisch via Compfight