May 7

Homework should be banned

Ever wonder why most teachers give you homework and for some kids lots of it? Because they think it is good for the “average kid’s brain” Well that may be so for some people but I will prove those people wrong. 

First of all, it takes too long to do homework. Kids need social time and time to be active, Kids have sports and homework just gets in the way. Kids stay up too late doing homework and are tired in class, Meaning they don’t finish the work in class making it homework, Then the kid stays up late doing homework and the cycle goes on and on and on and it gets harder and harder.

Most Important of all, homework stresses kids- Kids are always so happy to get home and flop on the couch…until their mom says, “Do your homework sweetie!” And that ruins everything, Especially knowing it will happen again tomorrow. And kids spend several hours at school a day and only have two days of break, But sometimes kids do weekend homework. Kids give up sometimes if they have parents who don’t help them with their homework, Then they will have trouble getting the answer.

Also, kids already spend many hours a day at school- most school students spend at least 6 hours a day at school 7:00 to 2:00 in Alabama, South Dakota, Louisiana and Texas kids spend about 7 hours a day at school. Where is the time for sports? Exactly. There is time but kids need to RUSH right after they get home from school. Then when they get home from sports, Mom says “ Hurry and do your homework before dinner!” The solution, GET RID OF HOMEWORK. Imagine having about 15 pages of homework each night and then sports, How hard would that be? This is how homework is unhealthy mentally and physically for kids. In conclusion, homework should be banned.

February 10

Should Homework be Banned?

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By Makani

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." - Author Unknown

Did you have a day where you had too much homework, you finished one pile, and you still had more piles left? Well did you know that all that hard work and stress is for nothing! Homework should be banned, kids across the U.S. get too much homework and banning homework is a good idea. Homework is not necessary, because it’s too stressful, not needed, and it takes to long to do.


There’s no need to do the same thing you did in class. It doesn’t help you learn, doing the same thing is not interesting for the student.

Homework is too stressful for the student. It’s not just the student but also the adult! For example, what if your mom planned a really cool place that you want to go to, but you have six more packets, then you get stressed and refused to do it and two more minutes your mom get stressed and she cancels it.   

It takes too long to get homework done. It takes so long to finish and you can’t do fun stuff or family time. or maybe you want to go to a friends house but it takes to long and they cancel it. Most people like homework  but  at least limit the amount you have. Homework should be banned!

February 26

More homework

Some kids think we have too much homework already. I think my homework is too easy. I want it to be more challenging and interesting.  I also want to have fun with homework. I want more homework i want more fun with homework.I want kids to have a better future.

I think parents should make kids do more homework so they can realise they will have a better future because I think some kids don’t think homework is fun they think it’s boring so I think we should add more stuff to our homework.

I think my  homework is not fun or interesting at all.We should add science for experiments, writing for getting a better job when they are 20, and history. That’s what I think to make homework fun. I want to study  science and natural resources for homework. I want more homework and not get bored.

Do you know how much time kids are wasting. They may be wasting 5 hours on the computer and TV. If we have more homework they won’t have glasses and have a bad future. I think everyone should have more homework and get a better future and a better life.

February 1

We need more homework

We need more homework

We need a lot of homework so we don’t get too lazy. We can also get challenged at home and get smarter. More homework will help us learn so we are ready for tests.

More homework will get you closer to your family. When you need help your whole family will crowd around and help you with your work. Also you won’t get bored, and not become a lump ball (a person that is too lazy).

More homework will give you a good education and also a good career. It will get you ready for all the next grades and all the way to college!

More homework will really help you. So if you have more homework you will have a good life. The more homework you do, the more you learn to go forward in school. Also you will take one step closer to a better future!

February 1

Less or more homework?

I think that We should have less homework because sometimes people are very busy and can’t do some of the things we like and are parents have to wast some of their time. Plus we can’t bond with are family and it does not help us on test. we will be too tired to work the next day

We have no time to have fun with our family because if we are in our room alone all day and my mom does not come in because she just wants me to finish my homework.  Than me and my family cannot eat together and play fun games and we can’t watch our family shows me and my mommy can’t read together and I go play with my Dad. And me and my brothers can’t walk my dogs. When my sister comes home I’m always doing homework. If we had less homework then we could play and have fun with our family all day long and we could bond better our family too.

Some kids complain a lot because they might be in the middle of coloring then they have to stop and do homework. But if we have less homework than right when they get home they can do there homework and have the rest of the day to do what they want to do.   I love to go to my art class but I have so much homework that sometimes I can’t go and I have to stay home and do my homework. If we are always doing homework than we can’t find out what we love to do and want to do in the future. And we will not have we will get bad grades. And I will have no time to read and practice multiplication and if I can’t read then I can’t let my imagination

Most teachers think that if we have     If we have more homework it actually does not improve are test score because in elementary school it does not help on test say a homework scientist and when kids get tired their brain shuts down should not have more homework because it would just tire us out and we would be tired for the test.

This also effects money problems because parents have to sit down with you and they cannot work and you eat worse to because senses you parents are helping you with homework they can’t make a good dinner. And if we don’t have a good dinner than we won’t have enough brain food and our bodies won’t run and we will stay up late doing homework than we will be very tired for the next day.

When kids are done with their homework it is time eat dinner than take a shower and get in to their p.j s it is time for bed and they have no time to do everyday things. If we had less homework i would have so much more time.

So if we have less homework than we will have less stress and we will play outside more and be more active and we will have time to eat a healthy homemade Diner so we will be heather and we will be less stressed and we will go to bed earlier and we will go to bed earlier be ready to work very hard the next day.

February 1

Kids have too much homework

Do kids have too much homework?

Kids should have less homework because a lot of kids are complaining that there is a lot of homework to be done and parents can’t make a lot of money to go places.

Kids have less time to bond with their family because kids need time to bond with their family. Like girls should have time to bond with their moms and boys with their dads to be a proper boy or girl. They should have time to go out to dinner even I don’t get out go out to dinner. They also should get to play

Kids are getting too much stress. My friend Zachary stays out of school.   He had a lot of homework to be done. He finished but it took at least 2 or 3 days. Even in 4th grade they complain to. I don’t think that is right and so there is a lot of stress I think all around the world and kids need a break because when they come to school the next day the will come to school they will be tired and won’t focus good in class.

Parents don’t make a lot of money because they have to stay home and do homework with their kid or kids like my mom. We need less homework so kids can have food in their house. They need nice home to live in. So if kids have less homework than they have less stress are more active and eat better and are much and heifer.

Kids miss a lot of stuff like parties, soccer games, and other stuff. They don’t get there because of too much homework. Even moms and dads miss work or conferences. Kids want to go to the park and they can’t because they have too much homework to do. Kids can’t do what they want to do and by the time they finish their homework they have to eat diner and go to bed and there will be no play time. Tha’ts why I think we should have less homework.