January 22

Save our pets

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the unwanted pets? Most of the unwanted pets get killed at the pound. All pet owners should spay/neuter their pet. If people spay,neuter their pets we could stop animals from being killed. Other benefits of spaying/neutering  are better behavior from your pet and it can improve your pets health.

cute kitten.PNG

 Three to Four million unwanted pets are euthanized every year in the United States. If people would start spaying/neutering their pets not as many healthy animals would be killed. Most cats have three to five babies each pregnancy. Their pregnancy lasts for two months and after having babies they can get pregnant two months later. Thats a lot of babies that could be killed at the pound.

If you spay/neuter your pet their behavior could be improved. Your pet has  less of a  chance of running away if they are fixed. Some pets are more aggressive when they are not spayed/neutered. Studies show that  dogs are more likely to bite when not spayed/neutered. Dogs that are not spayed/neutered are more likely to start barking,mounting and other dominance behaviors.

Spaying or neutering can improve your pets health. Female pets can live longer when they are spayed. Research shows that female dogs live 23% longer when they are spayed. When you neuter your male pet it can help prevent testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Altered pets will not roam around as much as unaltered pets. Which can make them live longer because they have less chance of getting hit by a car or getting into fights with other animals.

You may think kittens and puppies are cute, but there’s a greater cost for us having to many. When you think about not spaying/neutering your pet remember some of the consequences. Pets are getting killed right now because of overpopulation. If more pets got altered this would not happen. Pets health and behavior improves when they are altered.  In my opinion we should spay/neuter our pets.

December 2

Broken computers


What’s worse than not having a computer to do your work on? I think a computer that doesn’t work properly.  It’s really frustrating having one that does things like delete stuff, freezes, or won’t connect to the Internet.  We have broken computers in our class and I’d like to have new computers. I think we would all be more efficient with our projects with new computers.

The computers in my class keep shutting down. We can not access our documents  so we can not do our projects.The computers start to go black and freeze. It is really bad when we are doing projects like on Glogster and the computers go to black. We cannot do our projects if they keep going to black. If we cannot get anything done fast we will not have anything to put on the blog or on the wall.

Broken computers waste time and batteries. If the computers were new we would not have to charge them as much. We would get our projects done faster on the computers. If we don’t need to charge them as much the cart will not be as tangled up so we should only use the cart 2 times a day now we are using it like 4 times a day. If the computers are broken they go black they waste time and batteries and  we could get more done if they were not broken.John the tech guy is here for hours a day trying to fix our computers and they still don’t work.

The computers won’t let us go on Active Engage and that is bad. The teacher can’t send us  questions. When the teacher will send us questions half the class will drop. We do math questions on Active Engage and if the computers are broken we can not do math questions.

In conclusion, my classroom would really benefit from having new computers. We can do stuff like write on our computers every day read on the computers to make it easier. And doing projects so they will get done faster

Attribution: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Brokenlaptop.gif

May 17

Ravens in the sky

A raven flying.

Have you ever seen a black bird with a knife like beak or heard them too around school or in Rose Canyon? These birds are very loud. If you have you probably saw a raven. Ravens look like tall, black, and pretty overweight for a bird. Now follow me into an adventure into the sky.

When Ravens get hungry they go hunting for example. bird eggs, rodents, grains, seabirds, worms, insects or dead bodies of other animals berries, fruit, cereal grain, food waste. So now you know what ravens eat its kind of disturbing but its what they eat. They like it so yeah that’s what they eat. Ravens eat anything easy to catch.

Ravens live in many different places like the northern hemisphere is one place. Another is the Mediterranean, forests, and rocky coast. They live in other places like the tundra, grasslands. And strangely the artic.

Ravens look like crows but they are bigger and longer tails. They have knife like beaks. And come in many different size and shapes. They could be blue and shiny or normally really black.When ravens are babies they look chubby and fluffy. When they are grownups the look tall and skinny, and look like they have small legs. They have a wingspan of 46 inches.

Ravens are very smart, sometimes, they even take our lunches! They are very interesting animals. If you want to read more about Ravens try national geographic.com or common ravens.com. Those are some of the web sites you can try.

April 18

Some Secrets of the Secret Forest!

What are some of the secrets of the Forest? It might be a secret underground cave that is filled with gold that can make you rich! There maybe an invisible force field that leads to the smurf village. There might be a teleporter that takes you back in time. There might be a secret kingdom in the sky and the only way to get up there, is to climb to the top of the highest tree in the forest. Maybe there’s a secret underground place were the king Tasmanian Devil lives.There might be a type of portal that makes monsters come into the forest. There might be a magic tree house in a tree. Maybe there might be a huge sea monster called Big Mama. Wait, that makes no sense.  There might be a key that can teleport you to a another world. There might be an entrance to the Gods that takes you to Mount Olympus. Or maybe it’s just…a rock…a really big one.

White Water

The mysterious forest.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kuyan Redman via Compfight