February 11

Hover Boards No More

Sophie On Ben's New Hoverboard Joe Shlabotnik via Compfight

by Judy S.

Thousands of kids are getting hover boards then find there are deadly effects. What is a hoverboard? The hoverboard is a device that is controlled by human movement and uses a lithium battery that can easily explode and kill you so hoverboards should be banned for these reasons. They,re blowing up, there a fire hazard and you could go to the hospital.

Hover boards are blowing because the lithium battery will react if you don’t turn off the hover board. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have now been 12 incidents in the United States where the lithium ion batteries in these hover boards reportedly blew up  destroying bedrooms and even entire homes.

Fires have started in all sorts of different circumstances, too. According to owners and witnesses, some of the hoverboards exploded while charging, others while riding  and one while it was simply sitting near a kiosk in a Washington shopping mall. There have been several other hoverboard fires reported in the UK, and at least one in Hong Kong.

People are falling for their new hoverboards – literally.Hoverboards have become one of this season’s hottest gifts, but safety concerns surrounding the popular two-wheeled motorized skateboards are putting a damper on some customers’ holidays.”We’ve seen a lot of falls over the holidays,” U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesperson Patty Davis tells us “We’ve seen at least 39 emergency room treated injuries associated with hoverboards: concussions, fractures, contusions, abrasions.”

On the other side there fun to ride and play on. Thousands of kids are getting hoverboards then find there are deadly effects like the hoverboard blowing up or catching on fire and having to go to the hospital because of an injury with a hoverboard.