November 17

Let’s save paper

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save paper save trees.

Have you ever wondered how much paper people waste? People waste
70 million papers each year in the U.S.A. Well people waste lots of paper for no reason and I think that’s a waste of paper and a waste of trees! If you want to waste paper you better recycle it instead of  throwing it in the trash can. We shouldn’t waste paper because it’s better for us humans in my personal experience.

When people print they should use both sides of a paper instead of using  one paper. We also waste paper on classwork, homework,and jobs. In my personal experience is that I often waste paper when I run too many copies. I often make copies of things that I end up not using too.

We should save more paper because when we don’t it kills the beauty of trees and it matters because it kills lots of trees. We should also save paper because its better for our environment and helps stores with paper. People should also save paper because its a less of a cost.

What are ways to save paper? Wasting paper needs to stop. (Ways to save paper) You can save paper by using both sides of a paper. Other ways to save paper is to really shorten receipts  because at a lot of stores they give you these really long receipts and at some gasoline stations they ask you if you want your receipts or not, and I like that about the gasoline stations. The last way is recycling paper and use energy instead.

Saving paper really helps our environment,and animals. Also around the world we use 1 million tons of paper every day, that’s a lot !The world would feel less costly if we were to use less paper.

Photo Credit: chrissatchwell via Compfight

October 11

Beautiful San Diego

San  Diego is a very interesting place. It has lot of interesting places to visit like the San Diego Zoo or Sea World. There’s Belmont Park in Mission Beach in San Diego by the beach. San Diego also has a lot of beaches because we are right by the Pacific Ocean . Two places I like to go to are Balboa Park and Legoland.

San Diego has lots of beaches like Mission Beach, Torrey Pines State Beach, Pacific Beach, Silver Strand, and La Jolla Shores beach. That’s alot of San Diego beaches. A beach is a good place to go if you like to surf and boogie board or it is a really hot day. In San Diego it usually has a warm climate so it is good to be by a beach or water.

Belmont Park owns the only wooden roller coaster in the U.S.A. It has four main rides. It is called the fun zone that includes the Giant Dipper (the roller coaster), the beach blaster, the bumper cars, and the Vertical Tarro. Belmont Park has a lot of both with lots of fun games and there are also both with great food and snacks.

Sea World is a marine mammal park. Sea World has a mall, shows, hotels, and a new water park. How cool is that! Sea World has water related animals, like otters, and ocean related animals, like whales and sharks.SeaWorld is related to Aquatica. Sea World opened in 1964 in the southern side of mission bay. In 1980 Sea World became the first zoological park with ocean animals in the world.

The San Diego Zoo has lots of animals you could look at. It has apes, monkeys, lions, bears, birds, pandas, polar bears, elephants, reptiles, amphibians, desert tortoise, cats, condors, plants, insects,  and other animals. My favorite thing at the zoo is the pandas.

One of the most popular malls in San Diego is the U T C mall. It is a very large mall with many stores and stands. The stands are actually really cool because they have stands for phone cases, brochures for vacations, and many other things. U T C also has a very fancy movie theater called Ark light that plays old movies like Grease. You can even reserve your seat before the movie starts.

Buildings on the prado in Balboa park San Diego

By Jon Sullivan [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Balboa Park is a landscape of arts and cultures. It has a very big museum with great paintings and sculptures. Balboa Park is not just a museum it also has a kids place where there is a fake grocery store a little  houses. There is even a little class for kids to learn about science. Balboa Park was built for the World’s Fair in 1915-16.

Legoland is a  theme park in northern San Diego where everything is made of legos. They have rides and cool exhibits. They have a ride called  Project X where you go up a big hill and then you whoosh down the other side really fast. There’s a miniature city made out of legos too.

San Diego is a fabulous place to live and there is so much to do. We are lucky to live here. What fun things do you have to do in your town?