January 22

Free the killer whales cause there killed

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Larah McElroy via CompfightSea world should free the killer whales because they’re killed

Did you now that when sea world send marine cowboys they kill the mother and kidnap the young ones at age two So they cut open the mothers stomach and put rocks in there and tie up there tails.When the killer whales are being trained if they didnt do the trick right they will be hit with a wip.in 1970 more than 90 killer whales were put in three arces wich is a type of net.

In 2006 a killer whale attacked his trainer at San Diego. Which hurt the trainer and so he had to go to the hospital and he had a lost of his leg and his arm. These killer whales are so unhappy that they go under water and suffocate themselves until they die.

Sea world tries to cover the bad things  they do to the animals. Since the tank for the killer whales isn’t deep enough the sun can give them sunburn but in the wild they dive deep so they can not get sunburn. Seaworld puts zinc oxide that matches their skin color also it is bad for them.

Collapsed dorsal fins are  a bad sign for the killer whales in the wild they have straight dorsal fins. These killer whales are forced to mate at a age that their not ready to mate and these are baby killer whales that have to mate. Killer whales that live at seaworld live to only nine years but in the wild they live up to 30 to100.

And the killer whales are not the only ones who get hurt to the dolphins plus the bat rays the dolphins are also hit with a wip but the trainers make them push them for the dolphin show so it looks like the trainers are on jet ski jet and they are actually getting hit with a whip just imagine if people had to do that the dolphins are also hit too. The bat rays get a part of there tail freedom the barb but people don’t like that.

And that’s why sea world should free the killer whales also they say they save them but they dont.so sea world should free the animals.