April 12

Kumeyaay Indians Field Trip

Last month we learned a lot about the  Kumeyaay Indians, such as how they survived using natural resources, what they ate, what they did, what they wore, and where they lived.  We went on a field trip to the Kumeyaay Ipai Interpretative Center which is a museum. 

How did the Kumeyaays live? They survived by hunting for food and making their own tools, such as a rabbit stick, baskets, pots, bows and arrows, cloths, and toys for children.  They ate a lot of deer, nuts, seeds, and other types of animals. The Kumeyaay children liked to make their own toys and games to entertain themselves. The Kumeyaays boys ran around naked, while girls wore skirts and painted there face like parrots. They lived in giant e’waa or huts.

It was a very fun field trip and we leaned a lot. Here are some pictures from our field trip.

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