June 10

Cricket In Times Square

We think that the book The Cricket in Time Square was an okay book we would give the book 2 stars out of 5 stars. In our personal experience it was confusing it had too many topics but at the it came together at the end of the book.Our favorite character is Harry the Cat because he is he gives you his opinion and then that’s you decide what’s best, like in one scene when Chester didn’t want to be famous anymore Harry said he should do what he pleases. We liked where the setting was in NYC because it reminded us of when we went to NYC. Our favorite part of the book is when Mario found Chester in the subway station because when Mario found Chester he thought it could be his pet and best friend because he had nothing but his parents to love, and that touched our heart. We liked the concept and part of the book but at the at the same time we didn’t like the book


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