May 7

Is playing video games a good option?

Image result for video games kids playingThink about it–is playing video games the best option that you have when you have spare time? In my opinion, it isn’t the best choice for you to do in your spare time. I rather read, draw, or write other than sitting in front of a screen and getting addicted to this video game. First of all, you have better things to do other than playing video games, second of all you can get really annoyed when playing video games, and finally, you take advantage.

First of all, you have better things to do other than playing video games all day. You have many other options to do other than playing video games all day. You can go ride your bike around your neighborhood, you can even read a book outside. If you did not know, video games can get you very depressed. Have you ever realized when you play a video game it makes you very intense? To most people, it does and they can get really mad and “act” frustrated. Video games can take advantage us. They can make you play on them forever and ever.

So, next time you have some spare time ditch the video games and go outside!


May 3

Is it ok to miss school for vacation?

BEACH DON'T KILL MY VIBE JoannaColeen via CompfightHave you ever wondered when you take a day off of school what your class is doing? I have, and honestly, it’s pretty fun missing school. My opinion is, it’s ok to miss school if you’re going to Hawaii or France. First of all, it gives you a break from school for a couple of days, second of all it gives you a little fun, and finally’ it gives you more family time.

It gives you a break from school and homework for a couple of days. You can have a little break from homework and writing assignments. I bet you rather be having fun in Hawaii other than staying stuck at school with a sub doing something totally boring. When you go on vacation you probably have a bunch of fun. You could be in water parks, the zoo, and the beach other than boring school. You’re going to be going to school forever until you graduate college so mine as well as a little bit of fun and go to England. You get some more family time when you go on vacation. When it’s a regular school day you may not get so much time with your family because you have a homework assignment due to tomorrow.

I hope you agree with my opinion, when you go on vacations you have so much fun. First of all, it gives you a break from school, second of all, it gives you a little bit of fun and finally, it gives you more family time.

May 2

Lets get rid of plastic bags!

Imagine an island of trash the size of Texas! That’s 268,597 square miles of trash! It’s not really a solid island but still, it’s a big blob of floating garbage in the middle of the ocean. I think we need to get rid of plastic bags once and for all. First of all bags take forever to decompose, second of all it pollutes the ocean, and finally, you have other options besides plastic bags.

It takes time to decompose

You may think that plastic bags don’t do anything to the land but they do. People throw away plastic bags and plastic trash every day. It takes about 1000 years to get rid of the plastic bags on our planet and there are 100 billion plastic bags thrown away every year. If it takes a long time to decompose plastic bags, there could be a lot of trash on our planet, for a very long time.

It pollutes to the ocean               

Another reason why plastic bags should be banned, many other bags wash into the sewer drains and end up in waterways.  Did you know that scientists in Norway found 30 plastics bags in a whale’s stomach, that’s crazy how so many plastic bags get polluted in the ocean and land! More than 17 billion pounds of plastic bags ended up in the ocean. Plastic trash is harmful to animals because the animal can get trapped in the plastic bag. It can also eat the plastic bag which can cause it to die. Plastic bags can be polluted in rivers, lakes, and farms.

You have other options

Why do people even need to use plastic bags for groceries? Khalea Jai Hoggs from India thinks, “People have other options at stores. They can use recyclable paper bags or buy cloth bags, which they can use over and over again.” Khalea makes a good point. When you go to a grocery store the cashier worker should give you only two options–a paper bag or your own bag. Although paper bags are not the best option, it’s still better than a plastic bag.  You could choose a paper bag to help the environment, or you could always bring your own cloth bag.

In conclusion, polluting plastic bags is a bad choice as it’s invading our world, and making it into the food chain. To sum up, first It takes a long time to decompose, second it pollutes the ocean, and finally, you have other options other than a plastic bag. Although paper bags are not the best option, it’s still better than a plastic bag. Where I stand, I think that plastic bags should be gone forever.


April 11

The Heart of a Champion


Ezra Shaw/Getty

Laurie Hernandez in action!

Have you ever thought what it would be like to go to the Olympics? In Rio 2016 Laurie Hernandez won a couple of gold medals and one silver on beam. Laurie Hernandez is not the kind of person who gives up on their first try. She is the kind of person who works hard and tries to succeed! Imagine you are Laurie tumbling on the floor, taking step by step on beam, and reaching out for the bars.

Family comes first              

Laurie’s family has always counted on her to do things. She had very supportive parents and siblings, Marcus Hernandez and Jelysa Hernandez are her siblings. Her family is always there to cheer her on and bring joy when she is competing. She always believed with the support of her family she could do it.                                                             

Keeping it fit

By doing gymnastics Laurie has to keep track of her fitness. Laurie goes to the gym to train six days a week. Since the 2016 summer Olympics Laurie said that she would have a break from gymnastics, but keep on working out at the regular gym.

Practice makes perfect

How can anybody succeed if they don’t practice? Laurie Hernandez is not a quitter. If she has a task to complete she practices and tries to complete that task. When Laurie gets hurt and it is best to just sit out, she still practices the skills she can and does a lot of conditioning. She tries to improve each time she practices her skills.

Are you ever going to succeed in life if when you run into a problem you just give up and forget about it? Laurie Hernandez is training really hard to become a USA champion which she already is! “ I hope my story inspires you to gold and beyond.”