July 10

Longer Lunch and Recess

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Photo Credit: David Robert Bliwas via Compfight

If you are a kid, you will probably think how come there is not enough recess or lunch? If you read this you can see why kids need time to do what they have to do.  These are what kids like which helps them stay fit and healthy.  Here are the reasons why.

If there is not enough recess kids can’t play and have fun. Longer recess will keep you in shape and healthy.  Not only does it let kids have a good time but kids will stay healthy and fit.  It’s good exercise for us kids, and helps us focus in class.

If there is longer lunch time there is more time to talk to our friends and gain friendships. If there is more time to talk to our friends during lunch, we won’t feel the urge to talk in class. If we don’t have a long lunch, we will not be able to visit our friends from other classes.

Longer lunch gives kids more time to eat. Kids need more time to eat so they do not end up throwing their food in the trash. The older kids sometimes will skip lunch because we are playing, a longer lunch would give us enough time to play, and enough time to eat.

In conclusion, if Curie staff will allow us to play and enjoy a longer lunch, kids will become much healthier. If this happens kids at Curie Elementary will be much happier.