November 22

Let’s recycle for this Earth


Do you really want to do something for the future of this Earth? This an easy thing that you can do at home. Our recycling can make this Earth and people get healthier.

If we recycle more, this Earth will be clean and no more dirty soil that is bad for plants. We put trash under the ground or in the ocean, but if we recycle more, we don’t have to put trash in there.Trash decayed over 50~100 years, so soil will be dirty. But if we recycle more, there will be no more dirty soil for plants. It can make no dirty air and no more big factories.

Reusing can save natural resources. We don’t have to make new things if we reuse things. Reusing can make Earth more clean (no more dirty air, and no more trash on the ground or ocean). We don’t have to spend money a lot to buy something. If we reuse things, so we don’t have to spend as much.

If we recycle we can save many things. We can save animals, humans, plants, Earth, and air if we recycle. When we save something, we can be more safer, and make or use it again. Recycling can make something alive, so many creatures can live in this Earth, and it makes Earth more cleaner, too.