December 18

Extinct animals

Extinct animals are animals that are no longer living. Today I am going to tell you about two extinct animals–Megladons and Dodo birds.



Megalodons lived about 23 million years ago. They lived in the ocean around Australia. Megalodons where over 60 feet long and weight over 60 tons. One cool fact about megalodons is that they had over 276 teeth and 5 rows of them! Megalodons ate fish, whales, sea turtles and more. Boy am I glad that megalodons went extinct over 3.6 million years ago. I don’t want to be eaten up by one.

Dodo Birds

Dodo birds

Dodo birds lived on the island Mauritius they ate berries, fruit, nuts and rocks to help them grind up the food in their stomach. Dodo birds couldn’t fly they were three feet tall and were the color gray and white. Dodo birds went extinct in 1681 about 338 years ago because of Dutch sailors who sailed to the island and hunted dodos for food because they couldn’t fly and where not afraid of humans.