May 20

A Mission Tale

The Spanish missions were built in California, called Alta California at the time, between the years 1769 and 1833. There were 21 missions built during this time period. The missions were built to spread Christianity in Alta California and to secure Spain’s claim to the land. What was life like for the native California Indians during this time period? Watch this GoAnimate by Miranda and Lauren.


May 18


I’m not lying almost everybody has probably gone through a YouTube stage. Personally I admit that I myself am in that stage where everyday I would rush home to go on my ipad to check Youtube. But that’s not the point. The point is that I never wondered YouTube’s history or creator or any facts but it’s youtubers. So I tried doing research and this is my report about YouTube.

YouTube was created in 2005 by Paypal workers. On November 2006 Google bought Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars. YouTube is now an icon when you press the icons for Google. There are other icons such as drive, gmail, maps, and news. Headquarters is located in San Bruno CA. The founders were named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen ,and Jawed Karim. Chen and Hurley had a hard time sharing videos at a dinner party. Karim wasn’t at the party so he denied the party ever occurred. Idea struck. . . something amazing happened after the dinner party. . . YOUTUBE! Janet Jackson at the 2004 superbowl and Indian Ocean tsunami was Karim’s insparation. He had a difficulty finding clips of both videos.  YouTube’s original idea was to make a version of an online dating service called Hot or Not. Youtube’s earliest headquarters was in San Mateo CA above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant. was made the domain name of YouTube on February 14 2005.

The first ever YouTube Video was titled “Me at the Zoo” of Karim at the San Diego Zoo and was uploaded on April 23 2005 and can be viewed today. Youtube was tested in May before the launch in November. The site grew quickly in fact July of 2006 was announced that Youtube came out with over 65,000 videos a day and a market share of 43 percent and 10,000,000 of video views per day. That was just the beginning because in May of 2010 there were more than 14 billion video views. In october 2006 Google had acquired Youtube for 1.65 billion in Google stock. A typical US person spends 4-5 hours on Youtube according to Wikipedia. Full episodes  of shows and movies on Youtube were meant to compete against other shows, movies, and companies.

Youtube is now a popular website that people go on for videos to laugh, dance, learn, and to have fun.

Can you find or name any of these Youtubers?

Can you find or name any of these Youtubers?

January 17

Common Core


Did you know that the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will cost Washington state about $300,000,000 of taxpayer money itself?  Common Core is a school standard nationwide that was imposed on us and almost all schools had to go with. Most people don’t like it. It should be repealed nationwide. CCSS is one of the biggest changes in education. It brings grades down, teaches nonessential material, wastes money, and provides insufficient training and resources for teachers.


CCSS uses money to bribe schools to use CCSS.Washington state of Superintendent of public instruction estimated that CCSS will cost the state itself $300,000,000 of taxpayer money but that’s a waste,  although instead why not focus on important things wrong with America such as the homeless, curing cancer, hunger, or even child obesity.


CCSS makes math different and harder to understand. Sandra Stotsky a professor at the University of Arkansas who served the committee to validate that CCSS said the “Standard dumb American education down by 2 grades worth to comply with CCSS.” That’s like if you were in 5th grade and your school or state didn’t fit the CCSS you would  maybe do 3rd grade learning as a 5th grade student but a bit more advanced.


CCSS teaches material that lack essential info or don’t make sense at all,. Only 33% of California 4th graders were proficient according to the scores on the 2013 national assessment of educational progress. That ‘s less than the results before CCSS. CCSS drains your friendship with education and makes you friends with confusion

CCSS provides insufficient training and resources for teachers. 54% of teachers claim they had no CCSS training and that’s over half which is the majority of teachers who claim it. Also more than 63% percent of teachers said that they need new formative and summative assessments that make sure how well the students are learning the standards  and that’s the majority of teachers.

this doesn't make sense

this doesn’t make sense

CCSS reduces the money states pay for test development, scoring,and  reporting, but is it really worth it when we get bad grades due to CCSS. If we get bad grades then we probably won’t get to a good college and if we don’t even get to college , how will we earn money back? CCSS might finally become Common Corpse because states are dropping out such as New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri,etc.It brings grades down, teaches nonessential material, wastes money, and provides insufficient training for teachers .Support the standards before not the Rotten Core.


November 19

Harlequin Bugs

Harlequin bug

Nymph harlequin bug

When we went to Rose Canyon our nice tour guides showed us the Harlequin bug. These bugs are very fascinating and smart at the same time. The Harlequin bug is part of the Pentatomidae species but the scientific name for the Harlequin bug is Mugantia Pentatomidae. They are very annoying around veggies such as radishes ,broccoli , and an oriental flower called the Cleome. The harlequin bug is actually a beetle because every beetle a a line down their back that kinda makes the shape of a triangle. A Harlequin bug’s way of defense is falling down. That way predators won’t get to touch it, grab it ,or eat it. Baby Harlequin  bugs can be as small as two centimeters but the biggest  Harlequin bug that we saw was about half an inch. Some people in our class went there last year and they saw 2 harlequins bugs mating together to produce offspring. I really saw that the development of the Harlequin bugs have increased with more nymphs and adults since last year. Harlequin bugs are NOT poisoness  the are NOT harmful either so if you see one don’t worry. Harlequin bugs are fascinating bugs to learn about and to observe in real life .

October 17

How Halloween was created

Have you wondered how Hallobooh!ween was created? Well here is how it was create from real facts researched  by me.

Halloween was first known as a festival and celebration by Samhain. Samhain was part of the ancient Celtic religion  in Britain at the time, Samhain was also in some other regions and countries of Europe said Google and I read  an article that said, “At the end of Summer the border between the human world and the ghostly spirit world would get very thin that it sent the Celtics the message  that peculiar  spirits and ghouls and would be lurking out and about to the human world.” The Celtics would have a grand and big party that was all about scaring spirits away lurking ghouls and spirits. But later on the Christian religion got involved with it and the eve of November 1 became All Hallo’s eve.

America’s first Halloween took place in the 19th century when Irish immigrants immigrated to the U.S.A then when the word was spread out about Halloween , from there Halloween in America rose to it’s popularity with trick or treating, costumes, and most importantly CANDY!!!
Photo Credit: Martin Fisch via Compfight
Photo Credit: Martin Fisch via Compfight

October 8

Science is Number 1!

20141008-101406.jpgWe really like science because we are like real scientists. Right now in our science lab we are learning about landforms. We are learning about mountains, canyons, plateaus, dunes, valleys, meanders, plains, floodplains, beaches, and deltas. We have papers that say the landforms and gives the definition of it. I have never heard of some of these landforms.

Today in science lab we learned about acid rain and what it does. We needed to wear safety goggles because we were handling liquids. We needed safety goggles during our experiment because vinegar is an acid and it can burn your skin. We had to share them because we are a class of 34 students. We have filled a big cup with water and filled it up halfway. Next, we took syringes and extracted the water and put it into a smaller cup. We all took turns. We put 25 ML of water and then we put in 5 ML of vinegar in another cup. This was very fun to do.

What will happen when we mix the water and the vinegar? We thought it would bubble. It did but not a lot. We added a rock to the mixture and it smoke a little more. The rock dissolved a tiny bit.

We talked about acid rain. Did you know that it breaks down rocks that’s called erosion? It takes one day for the rocks to go through the process of erosion.

If you want to try this yourself, here is the recipe for doing this experiment:

1. This is the strong one: 20 ML of vinegar and 5 ML of water and add in a rock

2. This is the weak one: 5 ML of vinegar and 20 ML of water and add in a rock

Remember, if you try this at home you need to wear safety goggles.