November 22

Stop the bullying

Bullying - Vicky
Photo Credit: Twentyfour Students via Compfight

Have you ever seen someone teasing or hitting other people? I have seen kids got bullied at the school, right now i think many people are bullying someone.I have heard that someone kill themselves because of bullying them.Also I know that someone is always try to hit or tease someone that are weak .

 I think we should stop bullying, because if we do bullying it only makes someone feel bad and also it doesn’t make feel good if you bullying people.That’s why i don’t like when someone gets bullied.

Also I think the school need to a better job dealing with bullying.The school need more punishments if the school don’t all the kids think that school is place for playing around.They don’t listen to their teacher either.

But if they keep doing it the school should kick them out of the school,get detention or having no fun. And I don’t want somebody to get hurt or injured.

People need to stop bullying,because the school need to be nicer and people shouldn’t get hurt or injured.Also the school need more punishments for the students so,they don’t bully people anymore. People wouldn’t kill themselves or be sad.