June 15

Should Sports Teams Change Their Names and Logos?

Did you know that there are over 500 Native American tribes in the United States of America. About 2,100 sports teams contain Native American names and logos. Since 2005 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) told 18 teams to change their names or logo because it is offensive to native americans and they don’t like being called indians or redskins. From my point of view, sports teams should change their names because they can be offensive to Native Americans because it makes look like savages. Many Native Americans don’t like the team names because it makes it look like they all have the same culture even though there is many different cultures of Native Americans.

Many of the team logos make the Indians look like savages. In fact many Indians were rarely at war or violent. People don’t want to accept the fact that the Redskins name is racist and offends many Native Americans. Nine out of 10 Native Americans think the Redskins name is racist because it makes them look like savages and violent people.  In 2017 California governor Jerry Brown banned any school to have the name or logo of the Redskins.

The team names make Indians look like one culture of people. The cartoon like logos make them all look the same. For example, the Chief’s logo of Chief Wahoo has a painted face and feathers. Not all Indian tribes painted their faces or wore feathers. One thing fans do is that they go to baseball games and they go to the game with feathers even though not a lot of tribes do that. There are 500 plus different Indian tribes in the United States and they are all very different.

The Seminoles are at FSU (Florida State University) because the Native American tribe the seminoles said they can use their name as the school name and logo. The Seminoles the tribe says represents bravery and courage. Also, San Diego State University there has been multiple petitions to get rid of their name and logo and mascot of the Aztecs. Surprisingly in the year 2000 about 95% of people voted to keep the name and mascot of the Aztecs. I think the mascot is fine. It shows the culture of the Aztecs and doesn’t make them look like a cartoon or savage.

Did you know that most protests for the Cleveland Indians happen on opening day?  In 2019, the Cleveland Indians are changing their logo, Chief Wahoo. They’ve had this logo since 1947.  I think it is good that they are changing their logo because they are hosting the All Star Game the year they are getting rid of their logo. That makes me think they are honoring tribes. So, in conclusion those are my reasons I think that they should change the names and logos. But then again, some teams say that they will never ever change their team names because it is an important part of team history. It seems to me that all teams should change their names if it’s offensive.

Photo credit: https://newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoday/news/no-more-wahoo-cleveland-indians-to-discontinue-chief-wahoo-logo-in-2019-L7uHOdUyT0CFjXVK4hnHKw/

February 22

Don’t Overuse Your Electronics

by Leilani

[22/365]: Lost in technologyCreative Commons License Devin Stein via Compfight

SO many people aren’t being very social because they spend all their time on tablets or phones, and don’t look up and never will talk to anyone. I think it’s unhealthy and bad because it can cause a large decrease in your social life.  If you don’t want to be taken over by the grip of addicting electronics, you should read this article to not be able to stop playing electronics.

Also, did you know that your brain can be split into two if  you don’t stop playing electronics. Your brain can also be TAKEN AWAY BY ALIENS AND BE PUT INTO A JAR! Just kidding. But if you’d really like to put your brain in a jar, you can, although it would hurt.

And did you know that if you stop playing on electronics, you and your life will be a lot less stressful. It’s true, you can become a lot less stressful because a lot of the games on phones, tablets, computers, or Ipads cost a lot of stress. They can be timed, and can stress you out.

Another downside of electronics is if you’re a young little kid, let us say you’re four. Your older brother also uses the phone and plays violent games on it. One day you get ahold of the phone and you accidently press on one of the most violent games he has. You become really scared because it has a lot of blood and violence, and you run to tell your mom. My point is, a lot of the games in the world are too violent for kids, and are being played too much and some kids are even starting to play real life GAMES related to them.

Another reason  electronics aren’t good is because a lot of kids and teens are becoming obsessed with electronics and won’t stop and that can be bad because as I said before, it can make your brain split into two halves and can cause a lot of damage and I know you wouldn’t want that, right?

In conclusion, I think kids and teens should use Tablets, Phones, Ipads, and Computers a lot less, or even completely stop using them because it maybe  might be one of the biggest problems we have if you think about it.


February 10

Fat Food Not Fast Food

SunnyDinner(at KITASENJU)'s HamburgerCreative Commons License kimishowota via Compfight

by Jaidyn 

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food is very bad so, people should eat less of it because,1.it is very fating and if you eat it to much you can get really FAT.2.It has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and i bett you do not want to be sick… i dont. Last but not least, 3.It is very cheap and cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it and i parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so much bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there are not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico and New York city.

Do you know how much calories are in a big mac at McDonalds? There are 540 calories and if you  

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get there check for work till Friday and Wednesday.

February 10

Doomed Drones

   Ich habe heute leider keinen Titel für dich.Creative Commons License Chris Blank via Compfight

By Quinci

What is a drone? A drone is an aircraft that can navigate autonomously, without human control soas they will take people’s jobs, invade privacy , and they don’t carry much or go to far also they are dangerous

Drones shouldn’t be for delivery because it can be dangerous to planes.In the spring of 2014 a 375lbs drone that was flew by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed outside of a elemantry school in near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, school was out so no body was hurt.

Drones invade people’s privacy.There was a lady sunbathing topless in the privacy of her secluded backyard near Melbourne, Australia and a drone, hired by a real estate agent to take photos of the property next door to her house was, and making a buzzing sound. Later she was horrified to discover a picture the drone had taken, showing her mostly naked body was in billboard real estate ads.

Drones don’t carry a lot and only so go far.drones can only carry up to 5lbs, that’s only 86% of Amazon’s deliveries. A test shows that it can will only go 10 miles said Bezos. Their lithium batteries can only last 2 to 3 year, also their  batteries can explode and blow up your package and the drone.

If we have drones people will be losing their jobs because the drone will deliver your packages not the mailman, Over 500,000 drones have been sold.There are many people that have jobs caring packages where will they go , WHERE WILL THEY GO!

On the other side they can be handy, fast, and can fly and that means it can beat traffic.Thousands of drones are taking over the skies and need to be contained so drones so not be for delivery. They will take people’s jobs, invalid private , and they don’t carry much or go to far.

February 10

Redskins’ Name Bad or Good?

Robert Griffin III (RG3) Brook Ward via Compfightby  Jeremy

The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it’s very offensive to the American Indians. However some people think they should keep their name because they’ve had the name since the beginning of time. Three reasons why the redskins should change their name are people dress inappropriately, they hold weapons, and the mascot looks like a cartoon character.

The first reason is people dress up and wear war paint and hold tomahawks making natives seem violent. It also makes them seem like they are bad people when they’re really not. Natives only use weapons when they’re hunting or stuff like that.

The second reason is it is offensive and racist. It is offensive because not all natives wear headdresses but all fans wear them and when natives wear headdresses they wear them showing honor. When fans wear them they just wear them for fun.

The third reason is the native mascot looks like a cartoon. This is pretty offensive because natives are nothing like a cartoon. The logo has a huge head and the logo in 1951 looks nothing like a Native American. Also, if a native saw the team’s flag with the logo he or she would probably be really offended.

I think the Redskins should change their name because it’s rude to any native American because no one would call a native a redskin right in their face. However some people think they should keep the name because a lot of people just say there’s nothing wrong with the name but I don’t think that’s true because a native shouldn’t ever be called a redskin.

February 10

Should Homework be Banned?

Creative Commons License Brian Metcalfe via Compfight

By Makani

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." - Author Unknown

Did you have a day where you had too much homework, you finished one pile, and you still had more piles left? Well did you know that all that hard work and stress is for nothing! Homework should be banned, kids across the U.S. get too much homework and banning homework is a good idea. Homework is not necessary, because it’s too stressful, not needed, and it takes to long to do.


There’s no need to do the same thing you did in class. It doesn’t help you learn, doing the same thing is not interesting for the student.

Homework is too stressful for the student. It’s not just the student but also the adult! For example, what if your mom planned a really cool place that you want to go to, but you have six more packets, then you get stressed and refused to do it and two more minutes your mom get stressed and she cancels it.   

It takes too long to get homework done. It takes so long to finish and you can’t do fun stuff or family time. or maybe you want to go to a friends house but it takes to long and they cancel it. Most people like homework  but  at least limit the amount you have. Homework should be banned!

February 9

Water is Important

Other, Other, Other!! Cesar Cabrera via Compfight

by Sarah

There are beginning to be droughts in many different places so we need to do as much as we can to conserve water. Once we don’t have anymore water and when it is gone it isn’t coming back. We cannot survive without water. What would you do if you didn’t have anymore water? We need to save water because it is limited, it is crucial to our survival, and not only people need water but plants and animals do to.

Since water is limited so we need to save as much of it as we can. If you turn off the water while you brush your teeth you can save up to 4 gallons of water. An average bath uses 37.5 gallons of water. An average shower uses 57.4 gallons of water. An average shower head per uses 7 gallons of water per minute. The normal flush uses 5 gallons of water each time.Not only humans need water to survive but plants and animals do too. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water.  So we need to save water.

Water is crucial to our survival. Without fresh water people can die in just a few days. We can only survive for 3 days without water, and drinking water also prevents headaches. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water. All kinds of animals need water, especially fish, whales, and many more animals need lots and lots of water to stay alive just like we do.

In conclusion we are having droughts in lots and lots of places so therefore we need to do everything that we can to save water. Humans, plants, and animals need a lot of water to stay alive. I think that some people believe that right now it is not that important to save water but I do. People think that it is not important to save water because they feel it is something that the government will take care of, or they think it should not concern them yet.



February 4

Die Food Dye!

Rainbow Pretzel

Can you believe that they put food dye in this!

Creative Commons License Alex Gorzen via Compfight

By Eliza H.

Food dye is bad for you so why do we have it in food? Food dye was invented in the year 1390 A.D and people still want it in food. Food dye should be removed from all food. Food dye can trick you, it has many chemicals and bugs in it, some people are allergic to it, and it is very bad for you.

Food dye can trick you to make it look like something it is not. It makes food look like it will taste better. Have you ever had cheetos? They look so good with that bright orange cheese powder. It might look good but, it has food dye in it and there is no cheese in it whatsoever. Do you like toasting marshmallows around a campfire? Surprise! Marshmallows have food dye too.

Food dye is made with chemicals and bugs. The chemical in food dye is the same one that is in gasoline, asphalt, and tar. The chemical is called  petroleum. And there are a variety of bugs that go in food dye.

Food dye is bad for your health. It can lead to cancer and ADHD if you eat too much and it can make you have hypersensitivity. Some people are allergic to it. Some side effects are eczema, hives, asthma, mixed emotions, flushing, headaches, itchy skin, and swelling of the face. Europe has taken food dye out of there food because they know it is bad for them and because they researched and found a link with hyperactivity in children and want to make sure they are not food dye’s next victim.

Food dye is a fun way to color your food. Food dye should not be in food even though it make food more enjoyable. Food dye does not help your health. It can lead to cancer and it has chemicals in it. And some people are allergic to it. This is why the U.S. should take food dye out of food.

February 4

Drones Safe or Not?

VinceFL via Compfight 

by Rami


Here is a drone.

The definition of the word drone is an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate by   itself beyond the line of sight. Does that really sound very safe? Drones can be fun but they are also dangerous so we need to control their use. Drones were built for fun not safety! They are dangerous, they can cause dangerous problems, and the government doesn’t have a way to keep track of all the drones.

One reason we should ban drones is that drones are actually very dangerous. If a drone hits you it could send you to the hospital, or even kill you! There have been many drone caused accidents and here are a couple. Once a man was killed in Brooklyn when a drone hit him. another time a toddler was hit with wreckage when a man crashed his drone. Once a drone even crashed on the lawn of the white house.

The next reason that we should ban drones is that drones can cause lots of dangerous problems. If a drone hits a electricity line it could cause blackouts. Some drones also get in a plane’s path and could get hit. This is both a waste of a perfectly good drone and a hazard for the plane and passengers.

The last reason is that the government can’t keep track of who has a drone and who doesn’t. If someone flies their drone over private property their drone could get shot down and the owner could even get sued. An example of this was that once a man shot down a $18,000 drone that was flying over his property with a shotgun.

Even though drones are not very safe they are lots of fun. They can also be useful, police officers can use drones for surveillance or to spy on somebody. And just think about it wouldn’t it be cool to use the camera to fly around and just look. This was what other people thought until drones started causing trouble. As long as people fly drones they will always be a problem.  


February 4

No More Smoking!

smoking thrillsCreative Commons License Petras Gagilas via Compfight

by Sophia P.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that many people have so we should ban smoking. It can kill you. People used to think smoking was good for you. Many places have banned smoking. But some people don’t think we should ban smoking.

Many people have the habit of smoking. It can kill you. 443,000 people die because of smoking every year with 42,000 people dying in just the us alone, because of smoking. That’s all most 10% of all the smoking deaths.1,300 people die a day, just because of smoking that’s a lot.

They have also banned smoking in Mississippi. they banned smoking in Mississippi. they also banned smoking in San Lupus Obicas. Many places all over the world have banned smoking. We should put a stop to smoking everywhere.

Back in the 1920’s to the 1950”s people used to think that smoking wasn’t bad for. But what they didn’t know that it was bad for you, it turns your lungs black and it also causes lung cancer. People back then would smoke in commercials. In 1964 scientist found out that smoking is bad for your lungs and it kills you.

Thank you for reading my essay, and I hope you now want to ban smoking. It kills you. It has been banned in many places all over the world. Now let’s do it together and ban smoking. Smoking is just not right.



February 4

Redskins No More

by Garret

burgundy and gold Bill Dickinson via Compfight

The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it is offensive to Native Americans. Hundreds of sports teams have racist team names, so they need to change their name. The mascot does not look like a real Native American. Fans bring weapons called tomahawks to the game,this makes them seem violent  Whereas some people think they shouldn’t change because that is their original name.

The first reason why I state teams need to change their names is that many mascots and fans do not dress like real Native Americans. Wearing a headdress is considered an honor among tribes. This makes it offensive to some tribes that dress that way. Fans dress up like a specific tribe suggesting that Native Americans are just one big tribe with the same clothings and customs.

The mascots wear face paint and carry indian weapons called tomahawks. Native Americans point out that this makes them seem violent and bloody. The mascot looks like a cartoon,the 1951 logo looks nothing like a real Native American.

Few people would ever call a Native American a redskin to his or her face because they know it is an offensive word. This makes it racist and offensive. We have already gone over this, why do we have to go over it again. Racism is wrong.

The Redskins should change their name because it is racist and offensive, no one would call someone a redskin to his or her face and the logo looks nothing like a real Native American. Some people think different and don’t agree that the redskins logo is racist and offensive. They think that because that was their logo since they were originated they should not change it. Hundreds of sports teams have racist team names and they need to change it because it is racist and offensive. One of them is the Washington Redskins.


February 4

Redskins No More!

By Thomas 

A. Carter, J. Campbell, R. McIntosh Brian Howell via Compfight

In the United States, hundreds of sports teams have racist team names and mascots. Names like the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs are offensive to Native Americans and they need to be changed. These names are racist, the team mascots do not dress respectful to the traditions of the Native Americans, and many mascots look like cartoons.

People think the names of sports teams are racist and offensive. A few people would call a Native American a redskin to his or her face because they know it is offensive. And other people think it is a part of history they say that they should not change it because they have had the name for more than 80 years.

Some team mascots do not dress respectfully.When some mascot wear headdresses some people think it is an honor .But some people think it is dishonor because that makes people think all native american wear the same thing.

Some team logos look like cartoons. Native American point out that this makes them seem violent. Also the tomahawks make them seem violet.  And it is also very disrespectful because it is showing that they are funny looking as cartons.

I think the Redskins should change their name, because sports teams have racist names.And mascots do not dress respectfully. And some one would not call a native american a redskin t his or her face because they know it is disrespectful.  

February 4

Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

By Bradley

Windows Live Messenger on mobile device

Cell phones are bad for kids.

Creative Commons License gail via Compfight

Did you know that 56% of  kids ages 8-12 have cell phones? Well it’s true. A lot of kids over 8 have cell phones and I think that should not happen. Kids are spending too much time on phones. Phones are unhealthy for kids and it keeps you from from interacting with other people.

Kids are spending too much time on phones. We NEED TO STOP spending so much time on cell phones and we should play outside in the sun. Also, an average kid spends 73 minutes TEXTING on their phone in 1 day! And an average American spends 4.7 HOURS ON THEIR PHONES a day! Well part of this is because phones are so addicting that you play games or text or go on facebook all day and can’t get off.

This brings me to the next  reason which is phones are unhealthy for you. I am not talking about it has sugar or anything, I am talking about how it is bad for your body. When you look at a screen, radioactive waves hit your eyes which  hurts your eyes. Those radioactive waves keep on going till they hit your brain and cause a tiny bit of damage. But remember how phones are addicting, well that that can cause serious damage, especially for younger kids. Because kids brain haven’t fully developed yet, this can ruin their BRAINS! Being on phones too much can actually increase your stress levels.

Well my next reason why kids should not have cell phones is because they don’t interact with other people and play with other people. Kids just sit there and text or stuff like that when they are supposed to talk with their friends or family and be social with other people. And some people who are having dinner with their family people  are still playing on their phones which I do not agree with that.

Although some parents think that it does improve your social skills by texting, but I think that is not true. Kids going on phones is a bad idea and is not worth damaging their eyes and brain. It is also not worth decreasing their social skills with other people. Kids should enjoy playing around outside in the sun. This is why I think kids should not have cell phones.

February 19

Should Monday be a weekend

2008_November Ellen Lee via Compfight

Do you think Monday should be a weekend? Many kids and adults think so because kids could have more time to play or even do there homework and sleep more. Some kids that are too busy on the weekends going to karate, class or music class, etc, and they don’t have time for doing any fun or learning but it could be fixed by making Monday a weekend. So if you think Mondays should be a weekend then hit that comment below Thank you for reading.

February 19

People Shouldn’t Take Steroids

We all love our favorite sport players, but what makes them so good? Sometimes it’s hard work and good practice, and also the very strong players might use steroids.

Some people inject steroids to build bigger muscles.

What are steroids you may ask? It’s a drug that makes you stronger but also makes you meaner, and it’s bad for your heart. “Ya I know who wants to be mean to others and to your heart?” They don’t but they want to be stronger.

Some ways it’s good for your body. (if a doctor gives you a prescription for them) But some sports players abuse them and bribe doctors to give them some. def Bribe: pay or give a lot of something to people. The abused one is called anabolic steroids which will make you bulk up. The one prescribed is called corticosteroids.

In the MLB, NHL, NFL, and lots of other leagues for sports you can’t use steroids. But how do players still use them? Well they might take them before each game and stop before they get tested for steroid uses in their blood.

How can tell if they are using steroids? They look really creepy like a strong man but with huge muscles. Like this.

The dangers of taking steroids are insomnia, manic behavior, mood swings, irritability, lack of good judgement, Increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

This is why people should not take steroids.

January 22

School Uniforms Should be Banned

Did you know that the average a family spends on school uniforms each year is $249?That’s one reason why school uniforms should be banned. School uniforms are expensive, they don’t let kids express themselves with their clothing, and uniforms are completely useless for education.

School uniforms cost a lot of money. Parents have to pay the essential bills, and the expensive school uniforms are a waste of money that could be used for things that you actually need like food and regular inexpensive clothing. Banning school uniforms would save parents money that could be used for necessary things.

School uniforms prevent kids from expressing themselves throughout their clothing.Kids can really show and express who they are when they choose how to dress. When kids express themselves, they are being who they are.School uniforms prevent most kids from being themselves.

School uniforms are useless. Schools should focus more on how there students are doing not how they are dressed. If it doesn’t improve their grades then why have them? School uniforms might distract the students because they are to itchy or uncomfortable so they might not get their work done.

School uniforms save time because kids don’t have to waste a few minutes or more to decide what to wear for the day. Then kids might complain about having to wear the uniforms instead of their regular clothing. Kids might waste time complaining and get to school late because they wasted time complaining. School uniforms are expensive, prevent children from expressing themselves throughout their clothing, and are completely useless for educational purposes.Therefore school uniforms should be banned.

January 22

All animal shelters should have a no kill policy!

Somewhere, sometime today an animal is or will be suffering in a shelter. You can help, you can make a difference. All animal hospitals should have a no kill policy because it hurts animals,breaks human hearts and human and pet friendships.

What if your pets still have a chance.

What if you had a ten year old cat that had a bad disease and you just didn’t know it. You took it to the animal shelter to put it down to die. If that animal shelter had a no kill policy then the people working there would have cured the disease and you could bring your beloved pet home safe and sound.

 100 cats and dogs die from shelters each 1000 people that die regularly. Someone dies every 15 seconds. That means 1 animal dies every 150 seconds.  If those shelters had a no kill policy that would change the fact that 100 cats and dogs are being killed from shelters. The shelters could find a disease or a new type of illness and make a pill. That pill could save another animals life along with the other animals diagnosed with that disease. You could make more memories with your pet for a couple more years.

Your pet needs you to survive and not only that but you are like your pets best friend.

Probably more than that. You are like your pets mom or dad. Your pet wants to have a tight bond with you. You should take care of your pet like your parents took or take care of you. Your pet needs a person to take care of them and a good friend. I think pet hospitals are a better place to put struggling animals down.

 All animal shelters should have a no kill policy. We need to give animals back the world they lost, their hope and their faith for a better life. They need a world where they don’t have to worry about being killed by shelters.You

can travel the extra few miles to the pet hospital to save an animals life so make your nearest pet shelter have a no kill policy.


look at this sad animal and what shelters are doing to him. Are you really going to let
this happen to animals across the world?!!

January 22

Candy is Bad

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Kitkat’s moto is break time any time well no because candy is bad for you. Candy is bad for you and people should limit how much they eat.It affects your overall health and is not nutritious and may lead to diabietes. Candy is bad for teeth and gives you cavities. Candy gives you plaque and tooth decay yuck! Candy will also give you cavities then see you at the dentist.

Scientists named the calories in candy “empty calories.” That means they’re calories that come from foods without vitamins and minerals. So you need to eat things besides candy, but a lot of people also live to very old ages even if they do some things that aren’t very healthy.

Sometimes the reason a person can’t eat candy is because they have diabetes.Diabetes is when the amount of sugar in your blood gets too high.It can damage your eyes and your kidneys and slow down the blood circulation in your feet and fingers.

Do you know how much money every year is 7.4 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!25%of kids eat ALL their candy in one day

Rich, dark chocolate is packed with powerful heart-healthy antioxidant flavonoids. A study reported in the British Medical Journal found that regularly eating chocolate decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent.COOL! Another study found that those who ate a chocolate bar weekly reduce their chances of dying from a stroke by 46 percent.That’s why candy is good for you.     Copyright by:http://yakfaceforums.com/main/2014/06/25/star-wars-collection-from-jelly-belly/

January 22

stop cutting down trees

The Carpathians
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Irene Mei via Compfight
As many as 60,000  trees are cut down each year that’s a waste of natural resources .Trees also can help us breathe.  Trees are also helpful if there are flash floods.

If we the trees get cut down the animals won’t be able to breath neither will we because the tree provide oxygen for us .If we can’t breathe or the animals, are also helpful for the environment like eating crops and don’t use natural resources.

Trees are also used for natural resources and if we cut down to many we won’t have any natural resources left. We wont have paper pencils and even fruits come from some of the trees in the forest.

Did you know 60,000 trees are cut down each year and if all those trees are cut down the animals won’t  have a habitat  and will have to survive without a home in the wild .

We should stop cutting down trees because we could use other trees like bamboo, hemp, kenaf,and sugarcane are also good to use for natural recourses


January 22

Save our pets

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the unwanted pets? Most of the unwanted pets get killed at the pound. All pet owners should spay/neuter their pet. If people spay,neuter their pets we could stop animals from being killed. Other benefits of spaying/neutering  are better behavior from your pet and it can improve your pets health.

cute kitten.PNG

 Three to Four million unwanted pets are euthanized every year in the United States. If people would start spaying/neutering their pets not as many healthy animals would be killed. Most cats have three to five babies each pregnancy. Their pregnancy lasts for two months and after having babies they can get pregnant two months later. Thats a lot of babies that could be killed at the pound.

If you spay/neuter your pet their behavior could be improved. Your pet has  less of a  chance of running away if they are fixed. Some pets are more aggressive when they are not spayed/neutered. Studies show that  dogs are more likely to bite when not spayed/neutered. Dogs that are not spayed/neutered are more likely to start barking,mounting and other dominance behaviors.

Spaying or neutering can improve your pets health. Female pets can live longer when they are spayed. Research shows that female dogs live 23% longer when they are spayed. When you neuter your male pet it can help prevent testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Altered pets will not roam around as much as unaltered pets. Which can make them live longer because they have less chance of getting hit by a car or getting into fights with other animals.

You may think kittens and puppies are cute, but there’s a greater cost for us having to many. When you think about not spaying/neutering your pet remember some of the consequences. Pets are getting killed right now because of overpopulation. If more pets got altered this would not happen. Pets health and behavior improves when they are altered.  In my opinion we should spay/neuter our pets.