January 22

Save The Bay

We should stop storm water runoffs from getting into our bays because it is killing the plants and animals who live, drink, and grow in the water. They are dieing because storm water runoffs pick up bacteria, chemicals, debris, and dirt and this gets into our bays. This can also spread diseases when humans swim in the water. The water also can get polluted by pets going to the bathroom and owners not picking it up.

Preventing Stormwater Runoffs

Hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and streets prevent stormwater runoffs from soaking into the ground. When the water soaks into the ground it can get to roots of plants and start killing them. Then our fruit trees and the trees that give us people oxygen will die. Also the plants that we get our food from would die and that lowers our food source. Along with that our food would be polluted and we can get sick and die. We will also eat food that is filled with bacteria and nasty diseases.

Trash That Gets Into Our Bays

When stormwater runoffs picks up plastic bags and trash it gets into our bays. Some animals think plastic bags are food and they will eat the plastic bag and the bag might have bacteria that was on food and spread into the bag. And that bacteria will now spread into the animal and it will die.Also, when animals swallow plastic bags and cigarette butts, they can choke and kill the aquatic life in our bays. When the bacteria in stormwater runoffs spread into algae, the algae dies and sinks to the bottom. And algae decomposes in processes that removes oxygen from the water.


This is why we need to stop and take the time to pick up a piece of trash and pick up your pets litter because picking up one piece of trash could save one animal. So help clean your community and help save aquatic.

January 22

Free the killer whales cause there killed

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Larah McElroy via CompfightSea world should free the killer whales because they’re killed

Did you now that when sea world send marine cowboys they kill the mother and kidnap the young ones at age two So they cut open the mothers stomach and put rocks in there and tie up there tails.When the killer whales are being trained if they didnt do the trick right they will be hit with a wip.in 1970 more than 90 killer whales were put in three arces wich is a type of net.

In 2006 a killer whale attacked his trainer at San Diego. Which hurt the trainer and so he had to go to the hospital and he had a lost of his leg and his arm. These killer whales are so unhappy that they go under water and suffocate themselves until they die.

Sea world tries to cover the bad things  they do to the animals. Since the tank for the killer whales isn’t deep enough the sun can give them sunburn but in the wild they dive deep so they can not get sunburn. Seaworld puts zinc oxide that matches their skin color also it is bad for them.

Collapsed dorsal fins are  a bad sign for the killer whales in the wild they have straight dorsal fins. These killer whales are forced to mate at a age that their not ready to mate and these are baby killer whales that have to mate. Killer whales that live at seaworld live to only nine years but in the wild they live up to 30 to100.

And the killer whales are not the only ones who get hurt to the dolphins plus the bat rays the dolphins are also hit with a wip but the trainers make them push them for the dolphin show so it looks like the trainers are on jet ski jet and they are actually getting hit with a whip just imagine if people had to do that the dolphins are also hit too. The bat rays get a part of there tail freedom the barb but people don’t like that.

And that’s why sea world should free the killer whales also they say they save them but they dont.so sea world should free the animals.


January 22

School uniforms are bad

         envious school bureaucrats

Do you let your kids wear what they want to school? Well School uniforms are preventing that and there uncreative, expensive, and kids get distracted while wearing  them.School uniforms are uncreative. Most School uniforms are drab, there usually black or gray. With these dull colors no one can express themselves. Not a lot of people like drab colors anyway.Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? They can cost up to $700. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now $420 for a uniform and primary schools are $240. That is expensive.

 Kids get distracted while wearing school uniforms. They will play with a tie or a bow during math, music, or shared reading but what happens if there wasn’t school uniforms? Kids won’t be as distracted. At recess kids will get their uniforms all dirty and get in trouble. In class when they are doing an art project, kids will get their uniforms dirty and they will get sent home to change. what if they don’t have a uniform to change in? Kids can also get distracted by what other kids are saying. what if a boy said to a girl “I don’t like what you are wearing” then later on in the day she will be thinking about this and get distracted.

Don’t be one of them that fights for school uniforms but one that fights against them. I hope you do the right thing and say no to school uniforms.

January 22

People should get more sleep

Did you know that sleep is very important? People should have more sleep. People will feel tired in the  and need hours more of sleep in the morning. People will be asleep at school or work if they woke up at about 6:00 like my sisters.

Children need lots of sleep because their brains are developing. By the age of 2, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of their childhood asleep. sleep is the primary activity of the brain during early development. If children   don’t get enough sleep their brains don’t develop properly and they won’t be as smart.

People are more productive when they get enough sleep. Your brain won’t work as well as it usually does if you didn’t get enough sleep.  People will be too tired to listen to what people are saying if they get less sleep.  More sleep is good and will keep you focused for the day. If everyone had more sleep, you won’t fall asleep during school or work!!

The person bragging that they only slept 4  hours and still do great work, well, they are actually right with what they are saying.The only thing is they have no brain power to make them focused once they lose attention.

You should try to get at least 10 hr or 9 hr of sleep a night for a good sleep. And try doing something that will put you to sleep. So get more sleep so you will be awake during the day.

January 22

Drugs are bad for you

white widow crop
Photo Credit: Mark via Compfight

Did you know 20,000 people die from illegal drug use each year? That’s a lot of people. Drug addiction can cause crime and is a major public health problem. Drugs are a problem and we should do more about it.Lots different drugs could kill you if you use drugs.

Drug abuse will make you very sick.If you ate a pill you will have diseases and there is lots of different diseases.Your mind can go crazy and you can get accidents.Drug abuse can give you lost wages and you don’t want lost wages.Drugs are chemicals that change the way a person’s body works.

Drugs can cause crime and violence. It can cause bad child abuse. Lots of drugs can cause domestic violence. Illegal drugs could cause one in four deaths.

Health care cost on drug addiction.Lung disease killed 4 million people in one year.78 million people die from HIV/AIDS.    They estimated that 34,833 people in died from cirrhosis.Drugs can hurt the body and the brain.

People should do what they want to do.Some people have freedom of speech. We should have freedom of privacy. People must stop abusing drugs.It will lower crime and heath care promebles.

January 22

Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic Water Bottles Mountain Ice Hunger Takes Flight KFB May 20, 20107
Photo Credit: Steven Depolo via Compfight

People over the word are using plastic bags….Plastic is convenient but is it worth it? Plastic should be banned! When plastic starts decomposing it releases toxic gases,wastes natural resources that could be used for something else,and millions of animals die from it.

Plastic pollutes and is bad for your health

When plastic starts decomposing it releases toxic gases that are harmful to people,animals,and the environment,it is bad for plants,and pollutes a lot. Sometimes the plastic gets loose and goes to the ocean where it pollutes and kills animals. Some people even get cancer and other diseases from the gases released by plastic! If you eat a fish that eat plastic you might get parasites,besides who knows where the plastic has been any way,the toilet,the sewers?

Plastic kills animals

Did you know that an average family kills about 100 to 200 animals and more? When animals eat plastic, plastic makes the animal suffer a long  painful death. Animals like plankton-eating birds,whales,and some fish have a tough time telling plastic apart from its food. Did you know that the word makes 288 million tons of plastic each year and only 1% of the plastic is found in the sea,and that 100,000 animals die each year.

Plastic wastes natural resources and is unfair!

Making plastic wastes natural resources that could be used for something else and why bother making something that harms others and yourself.Did you know that an average family uses 60 and more plastic bags in 4 trips to the store and that 12 million barrels of oil is required to make plastic.


Using reusable bags can spread diseases. But that’s not a problem, you can wash them out every now and then and label the bags ,if you use one for meat you can label it only for meat.Therefore, plastic should be banned.

January 22

Violent Video Games Are Bad For YOU!

Did you know that most of the teens that hurt or kill someone usually play violent video games?Violent video games are bad for you and should be banned from teens and younger kids.Violent video games increase violent acts, make teens and kids eat more, cheat more, and harshly affects their grades.

First off, how do violent video games make people eat more?There are three reasons why violent video games make people eat more.One, They keep you inside and you do not get enough exercise so you do not burn enough calories. Two, When kids are inside that don’t get enough exercise so you get fat.Three, A couple years ago some people did a test and the violent one ate more, we don’t why but it still remains a mystery.

How do violent video games make people cheat more? First they destroy self control which makes them cheat. 2nd Violent video games have a lot of cheats so you can get better. Then when it relates back to physical games you try to cheat to get better. 3rd a couple years ago they did a test to win raffle tickets and the violent video game player cheated. you

Finally, How do violent video games affect grades? First, they destroy brain cells. 2nd, people have found out that violent video games destroy self controle so your mind is thinking about video games instead of studying for a test. A couple years ago some people did a research and found out that the non violent video game player  did better on a test.

Finally, kids should ban violent video games because people have done many studies and proved that violent video games are very bad for kids. Also I have found out that my.

Look for this video! http://video.foxnews.com/v/2680782671001/the-impact-of-violent-video-games/?#sp=show-clips

January 17

Too much time online hurts kids

How much time do you spend outside?  kids need to stop going online and spend a day outside for a change.Well if you do then you should stop going online that much. Most kids spend about 10 hours a day online to play video games! Kids spend too much time online. It is important for kids to spend time with their family and friends, kids need exercise, and kids injure themselves when they lose games.

Photo Credit: Lucélia Ribeiro via Compfight

Children at school

Kids that are addicted to computer games

Kids need to spend some time with their family and friends. Kids ages 8 – 18 spend about 75 hours and 15 minutes every week going online and that is bad because kids are choosing to play on their computer instead of playing with their family and friends.  Kids need to spend more time with their friends and their family.

Kids also need exercise. British kids spend less than 30 minutes outside a week! In fact 37% out of 1,000 parents have never taken their kids looking for wildlife, which means they have never taken their kids hiking, biking, or camping.


Some kids even  injure themselves whenever they lose video games. According to the China news 1,600 non violent video gaming kids were 2.4 more times likely to have self-injured themselves over the past 3 months. Violent video game players were 5 times as likely. Losing video games can also lead to depression or can also lead to family problems.

So stop going online that much if you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. So be more active and try not to be one of the 23% of kids who say they are addicted to video games. It’s not healthy for you sitting in front of a screen half of the day. You will miss fun activities with your family and friends, so don’t get addicted to video games! Video games online sure can be fun, but limit your time when online.

January 17

No More Plastic Bags

93/365: a bit ashamed
Did   you know that more than 100,000 plastic bags are killing sea animals every year? And yet, 500,000,000,000 plastic bags are used worldwide! Now that doesn’t make sense!!! All people and the earth would benefit if we banned plastic bags.

Did you know that it takes 10 to 20 years for plastic bags to reduce? On top of that it takes oil to make a plastic bag in the first place. Oil is VERY expensive and is the same stuff used to make gas for cars and run machines and lots of other stuff. “It takes about 430,000 gallons of oil to produce 100 million plastic bags, and the U.S. goes through 380 billion of them a year.”


So lets get back to the part when plastic bags reduce in 10 to 20 years. Well that isn’t so good, but this is the worst part. When it reduces there are still little bits of the plastic bag that can NEVER recycle! Guess who eats those tiny pieces? Yes, you with the groceries packed in your little plastic bag, you are correct, the sea animals!!! Let me list a few (maybe all). Sea turtles, sea lions, sea gulls, fish, penguins,and seals.


News flash people! If fish die then how will we have sushi!!!! But seriously, the ocean and all the things that live in it are really important to our environment. This is what Robert Hunziker, from The Dissident Voice says: “The ocean is the lifeblood of the world, and the survival of humanity is inextricably (that means you can’t separate it) linked to its health the ocean (1) creates more than half of our oxygen; (2) it drives weather systems”So what he is saying is that we should protect the ocean and all the creatures that live in it.


I got back from Hawaii a few days ago and it is a place where the people respect the environment and guess what  they have already banned plastic bags! I am also glad that I didn’t go to a different island – the island that is MADE of plastic bags! This island is in the Pacific Ocean between California and Japan (just a bit North of Hawaii). Guess how big it is? You won’t believe it… this island made of OUR TRASH is 2 TIMES BIGGER THAN TEXAS! So that is why we should ban plastic bags. We would all benefit if we all work together to ban plastic bags.

January 17

School Uniforms Should be Banned

There Shouldn’t be School Uniforms.

by Tawnie


Did you know that 63% of people say no to school uniforms? Most American schools don’t have school uniforms but lots are making the shift. School uniforms should be banned from all schools.They’re uncreative, and they can be very expensive.



     Some kids wear silly or fancy clothes to school and that’s their style. If kids like that get introduced to uniforms that aren’t their style they can be misled, meaning kids will judge them and think they’re no fun.



   School uniforms are also very uncreative. Most school uniforms are drab, they’re usually black or gray. If kids are wearing dull colors no one can express themselves, if they like to dress crazy, they should be allowed.



Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? Lets just say that they can be in between $255-$420. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now selling uniforms for $420 and primary schools are selling them for $255.


Who wants to be uncreative, unidentified or spend a lot of money on clothes. Would you like to be one of those people? Some people say school uniforms can save time in the morning and they make everyone look the same, but that’s boring rushing in the morning is what makes life fun and interesting.

January 15

Trash Hurts

mégots de cigarette

Fifty percent of all liter is cigarette butts.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric delcroix via Compfight

How Trash Gets to the Ocean

Lots of trash ends up in the ocean. How does it get there? Well, some people through cigar butts or other trash out there car windows or while they walk down streets or alleys. The trash gets pushed over to the side of the road or to the sidewalk. Most people don’t bother to pick up and throw away trash thats not theirs, but if they don’t they’re just helping the trash get to our waterways. Then after a big rain the trash flows down the streets, caught in the rush of water, to the sewers and then to the ocean. There the trouble begins. Nine billion tons of trash ends up in the ocean every year.

 Ocean Animals

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean and seen a piece of trash floating in the water? Well you should pick it up and throw it away. Animals like fish will eat this trash and die, a dolphin mite eat the fish then the dolphin dies to.  A seal or a turtle sees a plastic bag, thinking that it is a jellyfish the seal eats it. After this the seal can drown, starve, or choke, all a slow and painful process. Any ocean creature can get sick, severely injured, or even die. Sometimes when a baby turtle swims they can swim into a plastic holder for soda and can get stuck. When there shell grows their body can become deformed.

Land Mammals

When you throw a fishing line away, make sure that you put it in the trash. If you don’t, the fishing line can get caught on the legs, wings, and necks of animals. Do you drink liquid that comes in a glass bottle? You should put it in the trash or recycle. If the glass falls and breaks pick up the pieces because, when a coyote or a fox goes by the glass pieces it can get stuck in their paws and can hurt them. Cans are dangerous because when a mouse or other small mammal gets its head stuck in the can they can die because they can’t get there head out. Then they starve or die of thirst.


Trash is everywhere in the ocean, in the air, and on the ground. Litter is there because of humans. We through out so much trash and most of that can be recycled or made into dirt. Trash makes neighborhoods and yards ugly. If you’re having a party or a get together you don’t want trash flying around. The trash uses too much money to clean up. If we use all our money to get trash to the dumps then families will have no money to get food and other needs. The government won’t be able to pay their workers and if everyone has no money, then no one will go to the stores and they will close. About $11.5 billion is spent on the litter, just to get it cleaned up. If you don’t want to pay that much then don’t litter.

To Hard to Stop Littering

Some people say its to hard to stop littering. “There is already too much trash in and on the world. It would cost a lot and it would be to hard to clean up. The world is fine, we don’t all have to change our ways. Maybe only a couple million people need to stop. Then all of the other people can keep their routines.”

People need to stop littering. Its not that hard, its just common sense! Animals are suffering, humans are in trouble, you don’t want any of this to happen because of you. So make your mark and end the pain, stop littering.

July 10

Longer Lunch and Recess

• • • Happy • • •
Photo Credit: David Robert Bliwas via Compfight

If you are a kid, you will probably think how come there is not enough recess or lunch? If you read this you can see why kids need time to do what they have to do.  These are what kids like which helps them stay fit and healthy.  Here are the reasons why.

If there is not enough recess kids can’t play and have fun. Longer recess will keep you in shape and healthy.  Not only does it let kids have a good time but kids will stay healthy and fit.  It’s good exercise for us kids, and helps us focus in class.

If there is longer lunch time there is more time to talk to our friends and gain friendships. If there is more time to talk to our friends during lunch, we won’t feel the urge to talk in class. If we don’t have a long lunch, we will not be able to visit our friends from other classes.

Longer lunch gives kids more time to eat. Kids need more time to eat so they do not end up throwing their food in the trash. The older kids sometimes will skip lunch because we are playing, a longer lunch would give us enough time to play, and enough time to eat.

In conclusion, if Curie staff will allow us to play and enjoy a longer lunch, kids will become much healthier. If this happens kids at Curie Elementary will be much happier.

December 3

Too Much Air Pollution

Beijing smog
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Have you ever wondered how much smog from factories there is in the world? Here is the answer there is over about 10% in the world.  And I would like to change that because we need clean air to breath and if there too much pollution, like car smog mankind may DIE! Because smog can get into lungs and that can cause the lungs to get damaged and that can often cause sickness. Did you know a bunch air pollution can cause asthma? Well it can.

Some of the smog can go off into the air and that can cause acid rain. Acid rain is rain that is made out of acid, that can get us hurt. There can be light or strong acid rain and both can hurt us.

To help get rid of air pollution we can plant more trees to get rid of bad things in the air. You know that you don’t have to start a big group to do that? You can plant trees at your home which seem like a  little help but it can really make a change.

Did you know that a bunch of headaches, and stomach aches, are caused by car fumes. Well it is true, and factory smog can do that too. We should stand up and tell the world to stand up and not let us get sick all the time because of the fumes. Because we love going outside and taking walks in the city, but sometimes we can’t or we’ll get sick.

Do you want to be unhealthy? Do you want people dying? Think about these questions.Make the right choice and help the world.





December 3

Let’s make trash extinct!

Coastal Zone Management Act 40th Anniversary - NOAA


Calling all the people! Calling all the people! Trash is bad! Boats, jet skis, and ships are putting bad oils in our waters. Metal cans may take about 50 years to biodegrade, biodegrade means break down or disintegrated, so remember that soda can you left on the beach a few days ago… yup it’s still there! And did you know plastic bags take up to 450 years to biodegrade in the ocean! That’s a long time! Thousands of helpless sea creatures are dying because of this mess, and you can help them!

Mark your calendars! The Annual California Clean the Beach Day is coming up and its on Saturday, September 21! So… get up and clean! Everybody can help! The annual California Clean the beach day is runned by the california government and is trying their best to make trash extinct on their shores. The annual California clean the beach Day is also yearly event that happens every year and its coming up! Even though you don’t live in california you can still help! Just go to your local beach and clean up!

This pollution in the water isn’t helping the water. Giant oil spills happen all the time, oil goes in the water and stays there, for a long, long time, until something eats it…

Places like Pearl Harbor, Hawaii have lots of shipwrecks, some worse than others. Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands is a United States Army deep-water naval base. It is also the headquarters of the United Pacific Fleet. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Jan on Sunday, December 7, 1941 brought the United States into World War II . The great navy ship that has been blown up by Japan in Pearl Harbor is still leaking tons and tons of oil everyday! And can you believe that Navy Ship has been leaking for over about a hundred years! And you can even see the ship in person!

Clean up the ocean! Its not just the beach, its the water! Do you surf, swim, or even boggie board? When you swallow enough of the stuff in the water it can make you sick and even maybe shorten your lifespan! The gas from boats, don’t help. Have you heard of the giant floating island in the middle of the pacific ocean? Thats not the only one theres about 15 of them! So.. get up and help! Lets make trash extinct!

December 3

Reuse, reduce, recycle!

Do you care about the environment? Do you care about how many landfills are being made in California? The answer should be yes , and the solution to that problem is recycling! There are many advantages to recycling. You can make money you can save money and it is easy! You can recycle in many ways. If you recycle you are saving the environment and you are saving space in a landfill.

Do not throw away your recyclables! When you do you are filling a landfill. When you throw your recyclables in the trash  they go to a landfill, and when landfills are filled they find a new place to make one. There are many landfills in California that have lots of recyclables. Landfills are made by digging a big hole then putting a layer  of trash then dirt then a layer  of trash than dirt. When it is all filled up they find a new place. But it takes a while to fill up because trash can turn into dirt but recyclables cannot.Recycle Logo From Recycling Bin

Recycling is easy and you can do it in many ways! I know about recycling because my family recycling. We have  4 recycling bins in my backyard one for tin cans, one for big pieces of cardboard , another for boxes, and one for plastic recyclables. Can be a habet? Yes! Every day you probably have or use at least one reusable thing , and if you throw it in  a recycling can instead of a trash can you are making a difference. If you buy reusable cups instead of paper cups you are saving money because reusable cups you only have to buy them once. But if you by paper cups you have to keep buying them.

 You can make money if you recycle. Like I said earlier  in my writing you should buy reusable cups for the following reasons when you buy a bottle of soda the bottle  itself is 5 cents and when you turn it in it is only worth 2 cents so if you buy a reusable cups you would not have to pay the extra 5 cents.When you turn in your recyclables you can get money for them.

In the future there will be smaller and less landfills in the world if people recycle.  People should recycle because it is so easy and you can save money and best of all it is good for the world! Now think about all the ways to recycle … now don’t you want  to recycle?

Photo Credit: chrissatchwell via Compfight

December 2

Broken computers


What’s worse than not having a computer to do your work on? I think a computer that doesn’t work properly.  It’s really frustrating having one that does things like delete stuff, freezes, or won’t connect to the Internet.  We have broken computers in our class and I’d like to have new computers. I think we would all be more efficient with our projects with new computers.

The computers in my class keep shutting down. We can not access our documents  so we can not do our projects.The computers start to go black and freeze. It is really bad when we are doing projects like on Glogster and the computers go to black. We cannot do our projects if they keep going to black. If we cannot get anything done fast we will not have anything to put on the blog or on the wall.

Broken computers waste time and batteries. If the computers were new we would not have to charge them as much. We would get our projects done faster on the computers. If we don’t need to charge them as much the cart will not be as tangled up so we should only use the cart 2 times a day now we are using it like 4 times a day. If the computers are broken they go black they waste time and batteries and  we could get more done if they were not broken.John the tech guy is here for hours a day trying to fix our computers and they still don’t work.

The computers won’t let us go on Active Engage and that is bad. The teacher can’t send us  questions. When the teacher will send us questions half the class will drop. We do math questions on Active Engage and if the computers are broken we can not do math questions.

In conclusion, my classroom would really benefit from having new computers. We can do stuff like write on our computers every day read on the computers to make it easier. And doing projects so they will get done faster

Attribution: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/84/Brokenlaptop.gif

December 2

Bring Back Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is full of sugar.

Schools banned chocolate milk because it has too much sugar and makes students less healthy. Too much sugar can cause diabetes and it can cause kids to be overweight. I think we should have chocolate milk at school lunches because chocolate milk still has protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins. I think some kids that don’t drink milk would mostly choose chocolate milk over plain milk . Chocolate milk gives kids vitamins and minerals.

There are many great reasons to bring back chocolate milk.Chocolate milk also tastes good. More kids would drink milk again if chocolate milk was on the menu.   Kids mostly would prefer chocolate milk than plain milk because it’s sweet and cold.                                                                                                                                                                Kids would benefit from bringing chocolate milk back to school lunches.  Kids will pick chocolate milk because it’s sweet and has sugar that doesn’t mean we should ban it. It has some vitamins,potassium,and calcium. Experts say that chocolate milk should be banned cause it has too much sugar. I think they are wrong because chocolate milk does contain healthy stuff and that is why we should bring back chocolate milk.

Attribution: By Sugar Bear (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

November 22

Let’s recycle for this Earth


Do you really want to do something for the future of this Earth? This an easy thing that you can do at home. Our recycling can make this Earth and people get healthier.

If we recycle more, this Earth will be clean and no more dirty soil that is bad for plants. We put trash under the ground or in the ocean, but if we recycle more, we don’t have to put trash in there.Trash decayed over 50~100 years, so soil will be dirty. But if we recycle more, there will be no more dirty soil for plants. It can make no dirty air and no more big factories.

Reusing can save natural resources. We don’t have to make new things if we reuse things. Reusing can make Earth more clean (no more dirty air, and no more trash on the ground or ocean). We don’t have to spend money a lot to buy something. If we reuse things, so we don’t have to spend as much.

If we recycle we can save many things. We can save animals, humans, plants, Earth, and air if we recycle. When we save something, we can be more safer, and make or use it again. Recycling can make something alive, so many creatures can live in this Earth, and it makes Earth more cleaner, too.

Picture: http://blog.cleanwisconsin.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/bigstock_Recycle_4603459.jpg

November 22

Stop the bullying

Bullying - Vicky
Photo Credit: Twentyfour Students via Compfight

Have you ever seen someone teasing or hitting other people? I have seen kids got bullied at the school, right now i think many people are bullying someone.I have heard that someone kill themselves because of bullying them.Also I know that someone is always try to hit or tease someone that are weak .

 I think we should stop bullying, because if we do bullying it only makes someone feel bad and also it doesn’t make feel good if you bullying people.That’s why i don’t like when someone gets bullied.

Also I think the school need to a better job dealing with bullying.The school need more punishments if the school don’t all the kids think that school is place for playing around.They don’t listen to their teacher either.

But if they keep doing it the school should kick them out of the school,get detention or having no fun. And I don’t want somebody to get hurt or injured.

People need to stop bullying,because the school need to be nicer and people shouldn’t get hurt or injured.Also the school need more punishments for the students so,they don’t bully people anymore. People wouldn’t kill themselves or be sad.

November 22

Replace our computers at school

Every day I get really annoyed when my netbook computer doesn’t work. I feel like screaming when I can’t connect to the network. Our classroom has Lenovo computers that are four years old. I think our classroom would benefit from new computers.

Every time we try to use Active Engage it doesn’t work properly. When it doesn’t work for some people it annoys the teacher. We use Active Engage to bring answers to the teacher. She sends out a questions. I really like it when she sends out questions because I don’t like it when people yell out the answer and spoil the answer.When we use Active Engage I can think about my answer.

The tech guy fixed our computers but they still don’t work at all and it gets worse and worse ever time he fixes them. The last time he fixed the computers we couldn’t print anymore and we couldn’t get on Glogster.

One thing people hate a lot is that the computers crash a lot and that means they shut down all by themselves. If a program doesn’t work and not responds in 5 minutes it will work for 1 second then the computer freezes for another 5 minutes and it does that forever. That once happen to me my netbook just crashed. Today I was  typing a response to a discussion in My Big Campus and it just crashed. I lost all my work. I was really sad because it took me a long time to write my response.

I think this is a good Idea that we would replace our computers at school. I think that we should because of all these problems and the teacher won’t get annoyed everyday. We should also change our teacher’s computers because she also has these problems to. That is why I think we should replace our computers.if we had new computers we can go to different websites that lag all the time.My Laboratory 
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kevin via Compfight