May 17

Awesome Owls

I think owls are awesome animals. They have thick bodies and strong hooked beaks to eat little animals. They grab animals with their sharp claws or talons. Most of the owls species have feathers on their legs and toes. The owl has feathers covering the beak.

Owls have feathers sticking up on their head that look like ears, but these are not ears! Their ears are on the side of their head.  The feathers sticking up on their head are like satellites and the noise reflects off the feathers and into their ears.

Owls come in different sizes.  For example, the elf owl is only 6 inches long! The largest owl is the great gray owl which is up to 30 inches long and its wingspan is around 5 feet wide!!

Owls eat mice,rats,moles,squirrels and skunks.They also eat insects.They kill the animal with their  talons then they rip it to

Funny - A Hoot

Funny! A Hoot Owl

shreds. Owls communicate with each other by making “whooo” noises. They tell each other if there is danger, also they ask each other for help in capturing animals that are too big for one owl to pick up!

May 17

Barn Owls

Everyone is Fond of Owls

Everyone is fond of owls.

You have probably been to Rose Canyon before, and if you have you probably have seen or heard about a Barn Owl. Barn owls are very interesting animals and I am going to tell you about what they look like, when they do not need their parents, what they eat, and where they live. But what is a Barn Owl you might ask? A barn owl is a type of owl that lives in canyons, such as Rose Canyon.

There are a lot of barn owls that live in Rose Canyon.  They live in very big nests so the whole family can nest including the young. They like to nest in very tall trees, such as an Oak Tree. The tall trees protect them from predators.

Have you ever wondered when owls don’t need their parents? Well, until the first born is 2 weeks old the female must constantly look over her chicks. The female can leave her chicks at home when they are all at least 2 weeks old to go hunting. The chicks can go hunting alone for their own food when they are 17 days old.

Most barn owls eat meat. Some of the meats they hunt and eat are mice, rats, moles, and other small animals. The male will hunt at night. Then he will bring the food back to his family.

Barn owls actually aren’t the only owls that live in Rose Canyon. There is also a type of owl called a Great Horned owl. So when ever you go to Rose Canyon make sure to look out for those owls!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brandon Warren via Compfight