November 17

Let’s work to save endangered animals

White Tigers, Singapore Zoo {Explore}

Endangered white tigers in a zoo.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eustaquio Santimano via Compfight

Do you like to many animals such as the tiger or the pandas? Do you want future generations to see and enjoy them? Very soon they might become extinct! There is as little as 3,062 tigers left in the wild! And only 1,590 pandas left in the wild! According to recent studies the number of pandas and tigers are going up because zoos and fundraising to bring them back. We should save endangered animals so future generations can see, enjoy and learn more about them.

You want people after us to see, enjoy and learn about animals. They will learn about them and do many things with them, like reports, read a books and visit them in zoos. How would they feel to know they’re extinct! They will want to see them  in real life not hear stories about them (like what happened to the wooly mammoth). We want to show that we didn’t just give up on trying to save them. They will want to have them thrive and make sure the the animals don’t die out. We want to save them, they will too.

We should stop cutting down trees in the rain forest  because many of the endangered animals live there. I know that  many endangered animals live there because I watched a TV show and it showed tigers and pandas living in the rain forest. Many species die out because of loss of habitat. I also know that poachers are friends with loggers because when the loggers cut down trees the poachers can find animals. Hunting leads many animals to the break of extinction.

If one species dies out it affects the whole life cycle. Also if one species dies out others might too. It might makes some species stronger and some species get weaker. The ones that are stronger then have more space to takeover. The species that takes it’s place also might overpopulate and that may lead to it going into places where people live. If that animal is a carnivore it may harm people or pets.

If we don’t save endangered animals they will die out. If we do save them then people can see and enjoy them, the life cycle will not change and people can visit them in zoos. Studies show that we can bring them back, and we should. People should save endangered animals so future generations can see and enjoy them.