April 30

Pine Wood Derby

Hello! We are going to tell you about the annual boy scout’s Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby is a wooden car race. Connor and I are boy scouts and ourĀ  troop is competing in this annual competition. We had to design and build our own cars for the competition.

First, I drew a sketch of my design. I made it thin at the point and wide at the back. I thought this would make the air go over it and it would be faster. The inside of my car is hollow. Next, I took a block of soft wood and carved it into my design. After that, I stained the wood light brown. Finally, I put wheels on it. It was ready to race.

At the Derby you take you car to the track and race. The track is slopped. It’s about fifteen feet long. You put your car at the top of the track and let go. The force of gravity makes the car go down the track. If you win your race you go to the finals and if you win that you go to the San Diego tournament which is outside of Qualcomm stadium. If you win that…you ROCK. Connor went to the finals in our area and he came in eighths place.