January 13

Top 5 Rarest Pokemon On Pokemon Go

Today on this blog post, Dolan and I will be writing about the top 5 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Number 5

The fifth rarest pokemon is Porygon. Porygon is in the  Virtual category. Type: normal. Porygons weakness is fighting. Porygon can evolve to Porygon2.

Number 4

Alakazam’s ability is Inner Focus and Synchronize.  The weaknesses are Dark, Bug, and  Ghost. It Evolves from Kadabra. It’s Ability (hidden) Magic Guard.  

Number 3

The Dragonite is the 3rd rarest Pokemon in the game it is one of the most powerful pokemon in the game. It is a flying type. It’s weakness is ice,dragon,fairy and rock. It evolves from dragonir

Number 2

The 2nd rarest is chansey. It is very hard to get. It’s Category is an Egg. It’s type is normal. It’s ability is  Serene Grace and Natural Cure. It’s weakness is fighting. It evolves from  Happiny. It evolves to  Blissey.

Number 1

Gyarados is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go= (see picture below). Its weakness is rock and electric. It’s ability is water,and flying. It evolves from a magikarp.

May 18

Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Pokemon Game

Hey people! Did you ever happened to know about the game Pokemon? Well this is about this game Pokémon, about the newest game is Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.Image result for omega ruby and alpha sapphire

 This game is about a person (that’s you) is about to go on a new journey trying to get as many Pokémon as you can get. Trying to get all 8 badges beat the elite 4 and beat the champion, Steven. In this journey you will battle Team Magma or Team Aqua depending on which game you have. On the journey and battle your rival May or Branden, who will choose the type advantage against you so you get angry, depending if your a boy or a girl and Wally, who has a Gallade that mega evolves. In the time after you beat it you can battle other people online with strong pokemon and cached legendary, battle at the battle Mantion , and don’t forget to complete the pokedeck.

I know this will be a fun game and there will be fun stuff like Pokèmon Anime, supper training and listen to the Newson the Pokeradar. there are now there are super secret bases that only with the F.D.S that  the F for finding the super secret base that yours super secret base, the D for deceleration to decelerate your super secret base ,and S to share it with you friend and Aquanten by someone with share pad when your in find pad and take a picture of the  other pearson ID. Another one is going to get free stuff like stone berry and other stuff I can get once a day. These are some areas lilycove city, battle resort and others places but don’t forget to see the masters every day on the battle resort and the elite 4 and champion again.

Image result for elite 4 and champion for omega ruby and alpha sapphire

This is the champion with his Metigross.

If you want to get your brain working go to the trick house it will confuse you and your brain just find the person do the maze and get a reward and you can do that 6 times but 4 need moves,1 don’t need the move ,ok so 3 and don’t forget to get the stuff inside the maze so don’t forget it and if you do you can never see it again.

So if you got amuse with this get the game now at Gamestop, maybe Target, and other store right now! And don’t forget to also get the book Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire.

November 20

Pokemon is awesome

Pokemon is a fantasy land of imaginary creatures. Trainers use them for pets to battle or play with it. Pokemon in Japanese it means pocket monsters how can this fit in your pocket? What Pokemon is exactly?Pokemon is magical creatures used for lots of reasons. Who it is you and your pokemon doing what you chose to do. Where the Kanto, region Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova,and last the Kalos.Why I don’t know, what do want to do battle, play or as a pet.

Playing Pokemon TCG (trading card game) is very fun from Pokemon from Kanto region to the Kalos region (Pokemon region). But watch out for fakes! Watch this video to find how to identify fake Pokemon cards. They look like this…

fake slow king prime.


This is not fake it is in a different language

Most of them I have poke blue sister poke crystal.They recently announced the new games alpha ruby and omega sapphire. Pokemon is awesome and many ways to play. What’s your favorite? Share in the comments below.