February 10

Doomed Drones

   Ich habe heute leider keinen Titel für dich.Creative Commons License Chris Blank via Compfight

By Quinci

What is a drone? A drone is an aircraft that can navigate autonomously, without human control soas they will take people’s jobs, invade privacy , and they don’t carry much or go to far also they are dangerous

Drones shouldn’t be for delivery because it can be dangerous to planes.In the spring of 2014 a 375lbs drone that was flew by the Pennsylvania Army National Guard crashed outside of a elemantry school in near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, school was out so no body was hurt.

Drones invade people’s privacy.There was a lady sunbathing topless in the privacy of her secluded backyard near Melbourne, Australia and a drone, hired by a real estate agent to take photos of the property next door to her house was, and making a buzzing sound. Later she was horrified to discover a picture the drone had taken, showing her mostly naked body was in billboard real estate ads.

Drones don’t carry a lot and only so go far.drones can only carry up to 5lbs, that’s only 86% of Amazon’s deliveries. A test shows that it can will only go 10 miles said Bezos. Their lithium batteries can only last 2 to 3 year, also their  batteries can explode and blow up your package and the drone.

If we have drones people will be losing their jobs because the drone will deliver your packages not the mailman, Over 500,000 drones have been sold.There are many people that have jobs caring packages where will they go , WHERE WILL THEY GO!

On the other side they can be handy, fast, and can fly and that means it can beat traffic.Thousands of drones are taking over the skies and need to be contained so drones so not be for delivery. They will take people’s jobs, invalid private , and they don’t carry much or go to far.