May 17

About Rattlesnakes

Have you ever wondered what kind of creature is a rattlesnake? A rattlesnake is very sleek and quiet when they are little because they only have one rattle so it doesn’t make a sound. How cool is that! Ready to learn more, then keep on reading!

Diamondback Rattlesnake

 A rattlesnake is a very dangerous kind of snake because of its very poisonous venom. The venom destroys your body tissue. It comes up through the rattlesnake’s body starting from its venom pouch inside it. The baby rattlesnake is the most dangerous. It is the most dangerous because it can’t control how much venom so it just puts all of its venom in you when you get bit.

 A rattlesnake looks like a regular snake with a rattle. Of course it has scales, it has a rattle, and some have unusual patterns like the western diamondback looks like it has diamonds on its back. A rattlesnake has a pair of very large folding back fangs that venom shoots out of, and finally tiny in the back of its mouth, the tiny teeth are like front teeth in the place where your molar teeth are.

A rattlesnake is called a rattlesnake because of the rattle. Its rattle is called a rattle because it makes a (very annoying) rattling sound. This sound sounds like a very loud SHHH. That sound warns people nearby to go away otherwise the rattlesnake is going to start striking. The rattlesnake always rattles before striking. Sometimes when the rattlesnake moves the rattle on its tail rattles because of the movement. They make the rattling sound when the rattles clank together.

Now that you know about rattlesnakes you will have to remember to always get away when you hear a rattlesnake’s rattle rattling!