November 14

Shorter Receipts

This is the receipt for a pack of gum!

“Most receipts are really long!” I think in line as I see the lady in front of me getting a five foot long receipt. Help the world shorten receipts. Shorter receipts will make everyone happy. Fifteen percent of California’s trash is receipts. Shorter receipts mean less paper in dumps. And that’s awesome. If we use the back it will save a lot of paper.

Long receipts can do a lot of bad things. Receipts that are really long wastepaper wasting paper. Long receipts also waste ink. Did you know that about one cartridge a day. I went to CVS and got five things the receipts was like three feet long.

Not everything is useful on a receipts. Coupons are a waste if it is already in a book, (if you don’t know coupons are things that save you money). I saw the same phone number 3 times on a receipt. Lots of people think we need all that stuff but they really don’t.

People don’t like long receipts. I want to help people to be happy. When I go to Sprouts or another store and I see all of the junk on the back it makes me angry. (And that’s what I want to get across). Come with me and ask for no receipts. People Really long receipts waste a lot of paper.