December 17

The World’s Largest Bird

A picture of a Elephant Bird.

Model of a Elephant Bird.

Elephant Birds are an extinct species that lived on the island of Madagascar. They were HUGE so big that your about 60% the size of this bird. They were 10 feet tall and weighed 1,000 pounds. This makes it the biggest bird to ever live and this odd and huge bird doesn’t stop being huge in other ways.

Elephant Bird Eggs

The Elephant Birds eggs were 150 times the size of a chicken egg. They were 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide these eggs are huge. Even though the eggs are huge they lay almost 150 eggs in there lifetime. If added up correctly that’s 150 feet tall if there all on top of each other and 120 feet wide if there all on a flat surface. These eggs also weighed a lot 22 pounds or 10 kilograms.

Elephant Bird Speed      

Not much is known about Elephant Birds speed but we know its about 20 mph or 35 kmph. That’s about the speed of a grown elephant.

These birds died off in the 17th century b.c from humans killing this HUGE bird.

April 24

The Mission Era, Three Perspectives

Did you know California was once a Spanish colony? It was known then as Alta California. The coastline was dotted with 21 missions, all about a day’s walk from each other. The Spanish built these missions to secure their land claim. Local natives were rounded up and forced to live on the mission where the missionaries tried to convert them to Christianity and make them into good Spanish subjects.

Check out Ryan and Carter’s GoAnimate. In this animation you’ll see three different points of view on this period of history–a native Indian, a Spanish missionary, and a Spanish soldier.


August 14

Junior Lifeguards

Yesterday was the first day of JR.Lifeguards also known as JGs. I was excited and happy to go.

The first thing we did was warm up we did 20 push ups, 20 sit ups and 40 jumping jacks, it was hard but my best friend was there so it was fun. Then we did a run/swim test in the bay so the lifeguards could sort us into groups of our speed. Then we walked 1 mile to the beach, did a sprint, ran into the water and swam back. The 2 hours went by fast. It was a great day.

The 3nd day was hard we did warm up the we used padelbord

View Video of Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguard Patch

Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguard Warm Up At Mission Beach 😉


May 21

The Wonder Of Crayfish

Have you ever seen a small creature that looks like a mini lobster? That is probably a crayfish and they are small creatures. They live in many places. They have small pincers and are an interesting animal in many ways.

Crayfish mostly live in Europe and New Zealand but throughout the world. They do not survive in saltwater. They live in fresh water like lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. They are common under rocks and in dark places.

Some times they look like mini lobsters. The crayfish is normally a shade of red, gray and black. Crayfish are usually about 5 inches to 6 inches.

Have you ever wondered if a crayfish is related to a crab? Well it is and they are animal cousins.

I hope you learned something about crayfish. Also check out and for more information.


A crayfish looks like a lobster.

Creative Commons LicensePhoto Credit: Sean Munson via Compfight

April 30

Pine Wood Derby

Hello! We are going to tell you about the annual boy scout’s Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby is a wooden car race. Connor and I are boy scouts and our  troop is competing in this annual competition. We had to design and build our own cars for the competition.

First, I drew a sketch of my design. I made it thin at the point and wide at the back. I thought this would make the air go over it and it would be faster. The inside of my car is hollow. Next, I took a block of soft wood and carved it into my design. After that, I stained the wood light brown. Finally, I put wheels on it. It was ready to race.

At the Derby you take you car to the track and race. The track is slopped. It’s about fifteen feet long. You put your car at the top of the track and let go. The force of gravity makes the car go down the track. If you win your race you go to the finals and if you win that you go to the San Diego tournament which is outside of Qualcomm stadium. If you win that…you ROCK. Connor went to the finals in our area and he came in eighths place.

November 9

About Drugs

My class is doing a health topic and right now we are studying about drugs. We learned that not all drugs are bad for you but you should NEVER take a drug from a kid, teen or untrusted parent! There are all sorts of drugs. There are pills, liquid and inhalants (those with poisonous fumes). We also learned that some drugs are called OTC drugs or over-the-counter. Oh yeah, I forget to tell you about medicines. Medicines are a type of drug but they are not as strong as prescription drugs. Drugs are not always bad for you they sometimes help you heal when you are sick BUT if you don’t follow the instructions correctly you might find your self getting sick or hurt.