May 17

Native Plants

The White Sage plant is native and grows in Rose Canyon.

What are some Native Plants in Rose Canyon, you ask? Well Rose Canyon has lots of different native plants that are native to the county of San Diego, California. Rose Canyon has lots of native plants like White Sage, Black Sage, and Poison Oak.

There are lots of sages like White Sage and Black Sage. White Sage, Salvia Apiana, bee sage, or sacred sage in English is a very strong scented plant, that is native to the southern coastal side of California and the eastern coastal side of California, mostly found in the coastal sage scrub habitat of Southern California and Baja California.

White sage has a white appearance in the light and in the dark. White sage can also be called Salvia Apiana, another name for white sage is Bee sage.This plant is native because,  the Native people used this sage at the bottom of their bowl to keep the bugs away, and keep their precious acorns good, with the plants strong scent.White Sage blooms lots of flowers in the fall, There flowers are a white daisy-ish like flower.

Another native Sagebrush is called Black Sage, is also called Salvia Mellifera. Salvia Mellifera is a small plant that has a very strong scent. Black Sage is native to California. It is most common in the coastal side of Southern California and northern Baja California.

Black sage has a dark appearance, especially during a drought. Black Sage just like white stage, this plant is native because, the Native people used this sage at the bottom of their bowl to keep the bugs away, and keep their precious acorns fresh, with the plants strong scent. Also just like White Sage,Black Sage blooms lots of pretty flowers but these flowers are different, these flowers color is not a black flower, it is actually a dark purple-is color flower.

Did you know that poison oak is a native plant? Well, it is. This three leafed plant, toxicodendron  diversilobum also called Poison oak can be poisonous but a great medicine. The Native people from long ago would scrap of the poisonous oils and mush up the plant up and use it for medicine but, safety is first and NEVER touch poison oak, it can cause a major rash.

There are lots of native plants in rose canyon like, White and black sage, and poison oak. Some can be dangerous and some can attract lots of buzzing bees. So…..always ┬áremember always safety first!