January 17

Saving Water


This fountain may be fancy, but it wastes lots of water.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: G D via Compfight

   Did you know that people all around the world waste gallons and gallons of water each day? Saving water helps people, animals, and plants. We should save water. Water is very important.These are some reasons and facts about why we should save water.

   Saving water can help people. If you save water, there will be more water for other people to use. There is only about 1% of freshwater on earth. So what do we do when all that water is used up because we can’t drink salt water? Also, if you save water, there will be more water for things like public pools and water fountains.

   Saving water helps animals. If you save water, animals will have more water to drink. Animal will also have more water to bath in. Saving water will help animals survive and have babies. Water is as important to animals as it is to us. They need it just as much as we need it.

   Making more reservoirs will help water plants. When it rains, there will be lots of reservoirs to catch the rainwater. We can use the water in the reservoirs to water plants with. The water in reservoirs will water the plants around them too.

  Some ways to save water are: water your grass at night so that the water won’t evaporate. Don’t leave the water on while you brush your teeth. Take showers that are less than 10 minutes long. So now you know how to save water and what will happen if you don’t save water. I hope you now try to save water.