February 10

School Uniforms Good or Bad?

by Keeley

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School uniforms can look super cute!

Do you want to wear uniforms or have you? Do you like uniforms? What is a uniform? An uniform is an outfit worn by people that are members of an organization that all look the same. And I’m sure after you read this you’ll want uniform. Students are focusing more and more on clothes so there should be school uniforms at every school. This is why we should have them one kids won’t get judged for their clothes, two school will be efficient, last they cost less money. So here’s why we should have uniforms.

School uniforms are great because they are stopping kids from judging more and more kids. Kids in school will not be judge for how they look. You can’t say something bad to someone on how their clothes look if there wearing the same dress as you. They will equal to one another by having the clothes, books, and more. They can work out their differences without clothes, doing it a recess and in speech. No one can put you down by saying you’re clothes are ugly and make you feel bad about yourself. No one wants that.

School uniforms make school look more efficient. Schools with uniforms the students and the school will get better grades. If the principal is getting interview the interviewer might look at the school grade and if grades are good, he might say this is a great school to go to. Then more and more student will go to that school. Which then will make the school more and more popular. And then it would be one of the best school to go to and I know that feeling.

School uniforms cost less money. Parents don’t have to spend money on school clothes they can just by the uniform, which might be cheap! Most of the time uniforms are not that much when you by them at school. It helps you if you don’t have that much money. You could save up to go on a trip, or to buy a small house! We all need sometimes to save money.

Some people disagree that uniforms are a bad idea. They think kids should be free to wear their own clothes because it’s an expression of themselves.   So now you learned all the advantage uniform have like how uniform, stop kids from judging, make schools look more efficient, and save money I hope you learned somethings about uniforms.

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January 22

School Uniforms Should be Banned

Did you know that the average a family spends on school uniforms each year is $249?That’s one reason why school uniforms should be banned. School uniforms are expensive, they don’t let kids express themselves with their clothing, and uniforms are completely useless for education.

School uniforms cost a lot of money. Parents have to pay the essential bills, and the expensive school uniforms are a waste of money that could be used for things that you actually need like food and regular inexpensive clothing. Banning school uniforms would save parents money that could be used for necessary things.

School uniforms prevent kids from expressing themselves throughout their clothing.Kids can really show and express who they are when they choose how to dress. When kids express themselves, they are being who they are.School uniforms prevent most kids from being themselves.

School uniforms are useless. Schools should focus more on how there students are doing not how they are dressed. If it doesn’t improve their grades then why have them? School uniforms might distract the students because they are to itchy or uncomfortable so they might not get their work done.

School uniforms save time because kids don’t have to waste a few minutes or more to decide what to wear for the day. Then kids might complain about having to wear the uniforms instead of their regular clothing. Kids might waste time complaining and get to school late because they wasted time complaining. School uniforms are expensive, prevent children from expressing themselves throughout their clothing, and are completely useless for educational purposes.Therefore school uniforms should be banned.

January 22

School uniforms are bad

         envious school bureaucrats

Do you let your kids wear what they want to school? Well School uniforms are preventing that and there uncreative, expensive, and kids get distracted while wearing  them.School uniforms are uncreative. Most School uniforms are drab, there usually black or gray. With these dull colors no one can express themselves. Not a lot of people like drab colors anyway.Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? They can cost up to $700. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now $420 for a uniform and primary schools are $240. That is expensive.

 Kids get distracted while wearing school uniforms. They will play with a tie or a bow during math, music, or shared reading but what happens if there wasn’t school uniforms? Kids won’t be as distracted. At recess kids will get their uniforms all dirty and get in trouble. In class when they are doing an art project, kids will get their uniforms dirty and they will get sent home to change. what if they don’t have a uniform to change in? Kids can also get distracted by what other kids are saying. what if a boy said to a girl “I don’t like what you are wearing” then later on in the day she will be thinking about this and get distracted.

Don’t be one of them that fights for school uniforms but one that fights against them. I hope you do the right thing and say no to school uniforms.