April 25

Dye Hair, Dye

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On January 24, ninth-grader Tim Jenkins walked into his school in Gulfport, Mississippi, with a new look. He had dyed his hair hot pink. Tim was suspended that day for breaking the school district’s dress code. The policy requires students’ hair to be “clean, neat, and a natural-looking color.” Tim wasn’t allowed to return to school until he dyed his hair back to its natural dark brown. I think that schools should not be able to control what you wear or what color you dye your hair because it helps kids express their personality. Also, a lot of adults say it is distracting

It helps kids express their personality. That should be left up to the kids and their parents. At my school, we’re allowed to dye our hair any color we want. We even have a “Crazy Hair Day” during Spirit Week. It’s important to be able to express yourself, so why can’t you express yourself at school?

I don’t think dyed hair is distracting. Most people would look at a kid’s brightly colored hair for a minute and then go back to what they were doing. plus the only reason adults say it is distracting is that they don’t like it.

April 12

Dump the Test!


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Have you ever been super stressed out about taking a test? Well, I definitely have. and many others do too.  In California, kids in grades 3-12 take a standardized test every spring. Some schools don’t even have tests anymore just because it costs so much money! It costs about $1,270 dollars per classroom to have one test per year! Not to mention the fact on how much stress piles up on the students. One test can change your heart rate from 115200 to 2340000! That’s just crazy! I think schools should dump these tests.

Tests cost so much money so why even bother to keep doing them? Between the cost of the paper and the ink, the cost can pile up to over 1000 dollars! And that’s just one test per year! Why keep taking them. We could just take them on the computer. Why waste precious trees just to take a stupid test?

Not to mention how much stress piles up on the poor students. just one test per day can change your heart rate by 2224800! That’s only one test per day and in middle school, you can have up to 5 tests per day! Why do schools want us kids to be so stressed all the time?

Standardized tests do not boost learning Most kids guess on a standardized test like GATE and if they get lucky and do good when they guess the test will be harder. And say there is a kid in high school tacking the NWEA then he guesses and if he does good he could go to a good college if he does bad he will go to a bad college. And most people think there should not be the test is because they never do good on them.


January 17

School Uniforms Should be Banned

There Shouldn’t be School Uniforms.

by Tawnie


Did you know that 63% of people say no to school uniforms? Most American schools don’t have school uniforms but lots are making the shift. School uniforms should be banned from all schools.They’re uncreative, and they can be very expensive.



     Some kids wear silly or fancy clothes to school and that’s their style. If kids like that get introduced to uniforms that aren’t their style they can be misled, meaning kids will judge them and think they’re no fun.



   School uniforms are also very uncreative. Most school uniforms are drab, they’re usually black or gray. If kids are wearing dull colors no one can express themselves, if they like to dress crazy, they should be allowed.



Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? Lets just say that they can be in between $255-$420. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now selling uniforms for $420 and primary schools are selling them for $255.


Who wants to be uncreative, unidentified or spend a lot of money on clothes. Would you like to be one of those people? Some people say school uniforms can save time in the morning and they make everyone look the same, but that’s boring rushing in the morning is what makes life fun and interesting.

November 22

Stop the bullying

Bullying - Vicky
Photo Credit: Twentyfour Students via Compfight

Have you ever seen someone teasing or hitting other people? I have seen kids got bullied at the school, right now i think many people are bullying someone.I have heard that someone kill themselves because of bullying them.Also I know that someone is always try to hit or tease someone that are weak .

 I think we should stop bullying, because if we do bullying it only makes someone feel bad and also it doesn’t make feel good if you bullying people.That’s why i don’t like when someone gets bullied.

Also I think the school need to a better job dealing with bullying.The school need more punishments if the school don’t all the kids think that school is place for playing around.They don’t listen to their teacher either.

But if they keep doing it the school should kick them out of the school,get detention or having no fun. And I don’t want somebody to get hurt or injured.

People need to stop bullying,because the school need to be nicer and people shouldn’t get hurt or injured.Also the school need more punishments for the students so,they don’t bully people anymore. People wouldn’t kill themselves or be sad.

October 11

A Curie Student’s Life

cropped-School-2i7jr0f.jpgHello! We are Curie Elementary students in San Diego, California. We are 4th graders and our teacher is Mrs McKelvey. We go to school 5 days a week–Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our school starts at 7:45am and ends at 2:10 pm so our school goes on for 6 and a half hours, except on Wednesday because it is short day and ends at 12:15 pm.We have six grade levels in our school–from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Some of the subjects we do in our school day is Math, Word Study, Writing, Shared Reading, Social Studies, Science (we go to the classroom next door for that with Mrs.Monastero), and Book Clubs. Book Clubs is reading in groups we have jobs that we do like Story Summarizer you summarizer the story and there is a lot more.