December 3

Too Much Air Pollution

Beijing smog
Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Compfight

Have you ever wondered how much smog from factories there is in the world? Here is the answer there is over about 10% in the world.  And I would like to change that because we need clean air to breath and if there too much pollution, like car smog mankind may DIE! Because smog can get into lungs and that can cause the lungs to get damaged and that can often cause sickness. Did you know a bunch air pollution can cause asthma? Well it can.

Some of the smog can go off into the air and that can cause acid rain. Acid rain is rain that is made out of acid, that can get us hurt. There can be light or strong acid rain and both can hurt us.

To help get rid of air pollution we can plant more trees to get rid of bad things in the air. You know that you don’t have to start a big group to do that? You can plant trees at your home which seem like a  little help but it can really make a change.

Did you know that a bunch of headaches, and stomach aches, are caused by car fumes. Well it is true, and factory smog can do that too. We should stand up and tell the world to stand up and not let us get sick all the time because of the fumes. Because we love going outside and taking walks in the city, but sometimes we can’t or we’ll get sick.

Do you want to be unhealthy? Do you want people dying? Think about these questions.Make the right choice and help the world.