June 25

Duck Life 3: Evolution

Duck_Life_3_title_screen Do you like ducks, racing, and evolving? Well then, Duck Life 3 is the game for you. ( This is the only duck life that I’ve finished.)


You have four ducks you can chose from. There’s a flying, athletic, swimming, and strong duck. ( Note: you have to play as all ducks to finish the game)


They have certain skills they are good at.

They have certain skills they are good at.


There are four skills that your duck  needs to be good at to go into races. Running, swimming, climbing, and flying are the skills. There are certain levels at a skill where you have to complete a league to make the skill better.


There is 3 leagues in the game. There’s an amateur, advanced, and professional league. Each league is harder than the last.


You evolve after a league. When you evolve you move on to the next league.

this is the swimming duck evolving

this is the swimming duck evolving


You have Practice and Final races. Note that you need to do the Practice first. If you win ALL the races, you move on to the next league.


When you finish the professional league, no you are not done. A portal appears. When you click it, you will be transported to the boss race. When you race the boss, be careful. There are Domo Kun after you! Click on them before they attack your duck to win.


When you kill/ win against the boss you get rewards. You get the throne room and the arcade/ games for arcade.

Now do you want to evolve? If you do, here’s the link.  http://kizi.com/games/ducklife3-evolution 

May 18

Duck life: Treasure Hunt!

cover screen Do you like ducks, pets, and TREASURE?? Well then Duck Life Treasure Hunt is the game for you.


You can get pets at the pet store. There’s all sorts of cool pets. There’s a cat, dog, even an apple! You start the game with 2 pets, a egg and a bat. Some are good at taking out ducks. Others are good at defending you.



Dressing Up your Duck

You can customize your duck at the beginning and in game. You can change the color, clothes, eyes, and more any time during the game. This gives you a chance to make your duck you. ( you can make a name at the beginning of the game.)


There are a few shops in the game. There’s the pet shop, the clothes shop, the power up shop , and more. These shops will help you.

Treasure/ the cave

Right, now time for TREASURE! But where do you get it? Well, on the right side of your screen is the cave. That’s where not only do you find treasure, but you also take out ducks, dodge obstacles, get coins and ancient gems, do quests, and get special rewards from eggs. Ok, time for treasure. You find treasure in the cave at certain points. I haven’t discovered them all but the ones I know are the ancient diamond, ( i forgot the 2nd thing you get), ancient bones, and the golden sheep.

Well, now do you want to play? If you do, here’s the link to the game. http://kizi.com/games/duck-life-treasure-hunt

January 27


Winstie Boy! Sleeping on his back...or expecting a tummy rub
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Will Marlow via Compfight

Hi, this post is about dogs. Dogs can go almost anywhere as long as they’re owners are with them. Dogs are super smellers. They can smell better than humans and yes, cats. Sometimes they’re hired to sniff out drugs. No lie! Dogs can’t hear as much as cats but they can hear more than people. Did you know the first dogs were wild wolfs?

Early dogs were wild wolves. Wolves came near villages and ate stuff from the trash and became tamer. Eventually, they became the first dogs. But some wolves didn’t become dogs. Which is why there is still wolves today and they aren’t something from long ago.

Have you ever seen a dog at the airport? Or a police dog? They’re on the sniff for drugs. Dogs are really good at smelling so they’re hired to sniff out drugs. Sometimes at airports, there’s a dog who is going to sniff your suitcase looking for drugs. I’m pretty sure they don’t want anybody to get drugs in a different country.

Dogs can go anywhere as long as a owner or a trusted person is with them. Dogs like company and whine when there’s no one around. Sometimes when a person feeds them they love that person and will follow them around. Dogs need love, too!

Dogs are a really good pet to have. If your parents let you have a dog, I suggest getting a shelter dog. Just make sure to never leave your dog alone. DOGS ARE CUTE!

January 17

Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic bag
Photo Credit: Scottish Greens via Compfight

Did you know 1,440 million plastic bags are used each day? Plastic bags are taking over the world! We should ban plastic bags. Plastic bags harm the environment. Second, they also kill animals, most of which are marine life. Third, It can also harm humans but most people don ’t know it.

Please Recycle

That’s a lot of plastic bags, right?

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matt Carman via Compfight

One reason we should ban plastic bags is that they harm the environment. Plastic bags go in the soil and release toxic chemicals which are dangerous to those animals that live under the ground. Also, only 1-3% of our plastic bags are recycled, with a lot going into landfills or, worse, our oceans. Another fact is that it takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to break down!


Another reason we should ban plastic bags is that they kills animals. And did you know that 1 billion seabirds and mammals die each year for ingesting plastic bags? That’s a lot! Most animals mistake bags for food like jellyfish. Also, if animals are small enough they can get strangled in them when they’re floating around in the ocean. Something else is that land animals like seagulls eat plastic lying around near the ocean.


My last reason is that plastic bags harm humans too. When they make pollution, it hurts our health especially our lungs, if we breathe it in. People don’t also understand that when you use too many plastic bags, too much carbon dioxide gets in the air we will all die because there’s very low oxygen. We will run out of fish for food because they’d be dead by plastic bags.

Canvas bags are a better choice but only if you clean them because they have bacteria. Less than 5% of US shoppers use canvas bags. We need to change that number by using reusable bags. Let’s ban plastic bags! You’ll save tons of animal’s lives, help the environment, and help humans too.

November 6

Cute Cats

MelDo you love cats? Well, I love cats and that’s what this post is about. Cats have better hearing than people and dogs. They can hear a tiny mouse in the walls that you don’t even notice. Cats lick their selves to get clean. Cats only like to get wet if they decide too. Other wise they hate it. Also don’t make them too mad or they’ll scratch you with their claws. Their claws are in their paws. Lastly what I have to say is CATS ARE CUTE!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Difusa via Compfight

November 4

Save trees!

Laguna de las Lavanderas

Trees are important to our planet.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eduardo Amorim via Compfight

Did you ever notice we use a lot of things from trees? Well, we do. We use wood to make pencils and houses. But those lumberjacks are forgetting why trees are important. For one thing animals like birds live in trees and you cut down their homes, lumberjacks! Secondly, if we cut down trees more carbon dioxide goes in the air. This can cause droughts{which is a long period with no rain you’ll see so in another post}. Trees help us breathe. They take carbon dioxide though their leaves then give out oxygen. Trees are important so let’s save them!