June 15

Summer Bucket List

What’s on your summer bucket list? A day at the beach, a picnic by the bay, hiking the Sequoias, making a giant ice-cream sundae? Whatever you do this summer I’m sure it’ll be fun. Let us know how you spend your summer.


August 14

Junior Lifeguards

Yesterday was the first day of JR.Lifeguards also known as JGs. I was excited and happy to go.

The first thing we did was warm up we did 20 push ups, 20 sit ups and 40 jumping jacks, it was hard but my best friend was there so it was fun. Then we did a run/swim test in the bay so the lifeguards could sort us into groups of our speed. Then we walked 1 mile to the beach, did a sprint, ran into the water and swam back. The 2 hours went by fast. It was a great day.

The 3nd day was hard we did warm up the we used padelbord

View Video of Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguard Patch

Junior Lifeguards

Junior Lifeguard Warm Up At Mission Beach 😉