January 22

School uniforms are bad

         envious school bureaucrats

Do you let your kids wear what they want to school? Well School uniforms are preventing that and there uncreative, expensive, and kids get distracted while wearing  them.School uniforms are uncreative. Most School uniforms are drab, there usually black or gray. With these dull colors no one can express themselves. Not a lot of people like drab colors anyway.Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? They can cost up to $700. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now $420 for a uniform and primary schools are $240. That is expensive.

 Kids get distracted while wearing school uniforms. They will play with a tie or a bow during math, music, or shared reading but what happens if there wasn’t school uniforms? Kids won’t be as distracted. At recess kids will get their uniforms all dirty and get in trouble. In class when they are doing an art project, kids will get their uniforms dirty and they will get sent home to change. what if they don’t have a uniform to change in? Kids can also get distracted by what other kids are saying. what if a boy said to a girl “I don’t like what you are wearing” then later on in the day she will be thinking about this and get distracted.

Don’t be one of them that fights for school uniforms but one that fights against them. I hope you do the right thing and say no to school uniforms.