February 4

Redskins No More!

By Thomas 

A. Carter, J. Campbell, R. McIntosh Brian Howell via Compfight

In the United States, hundreds of sports teams have racist team names and mascots. Names like the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs are offensive to Native Americans and they need to be changed. These names are racist, the team mascots do not dress respectful to the traditions of the Native Americans, and many mascots look like cartoons.

People think the names of sports teams are racist and offensive. A few people would call a Native American a redskin to his or her face because they know it is offensive. And other people think it is a part of history they say that they should not change it because they have had the name for more than 80 years.

Some team mascots do not dress respectfully.When some mascot wear headdresses some people think it is an honor .But some people think it is dishonor because that makes people think all native american wear the same thing.

Some team logos look like cartoons. Native American point out that this makes them seem violent. Also the tomahawks make them seem violet.  And it is also very disrespectful because it is showing that they are funny looking as cartons.

I think the Redskins should change their name, because sports teams have racist names.And mascots do not dress respectfully. And some one would not call a native american a redskin t his or her face because they know it is disrespectful.