November 22

Replace our computers at school

Every day I get really annoyed when my netbook computer doesn’t work. I feel like screaming when I can’t connect to the network. Our classroom has Lenovo computers that are four years old. I think our classroom would benefit from new computers.

Every time we try to use Active Engage it doesn’t work properly. When it doesn’t work for some people it annoys the teacher. We use Active Engage to bring answers to the teacher. She sends out a questions. I really like it when she sends out questions because I don’t like it when people yell out the answer and spoil the answer.When we use Active Engage I can think about my answer.

The tech guy fixed our computers but they still don’t work at all and it gets worse and worse ever time he fixes them. The last time he fixed the computers we couldn’t print anymore and we couldn’t get on Glogster.

One thing people hate a lot is that the computers crash a lot and that means they shut down all by themselves. If a program doesn’t work and not responds in 5 minutes it will work for 1 second then the computer freezes for another 5 minutes and it does that forever. That once happen to me my netbook just crashed. Today I was  typing a response to a discussion in My Big Campus and it just crashed. I lost all my work. I was really sad because it took me a long time to write my response.

I think this is a good Idea that we would replace our computers at school. I think that we should because of all these problems and the teacher won’t get annoyed everyday. We should also change our teacher’s computers because she also has these problems to. That is why I think we should replace our computers.if we had new computers we can go to different websites that lag all the time.My Laboratory 
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May 21

Coyotes, the wild dogs

Coyote (Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse)Coyotes live in Rose Canyon, our local canyon in San Diego. I picked coyotes because they’re amazing creatures. Coyotes are wild animals..  I’m going to tell you about coyotes and what they eat, what they look like, and what they eat.

A coyote has white and brown fur. It has sharp ears and  looks like a dog and it has a tail. If you think a coyote looks like dog, it is a dog. That’s because they are a member of the dog family but it’s not a dog.


Coyotes live in grasslands, deserts, and cold climates.Coyotes lives all in North America so that doesn’t mean you can find a coyote in Egypt or China. So a coyote lives in a nature park, San Diego, Canada, and all over south America.

Do you know what a coyote eats?  They eats birds, mice, voles, lizards, insects, garbage, and almost anything. What I mean of almost anything I mean like a mouse, deer, and even birds. Coyotes hunt in packs and whenever they kill their prey they howl and howl and howl and how they kill their prey they pounce on them and bite them. Do you want to know if coyotes hunt in packs? Yes they do. They first chase the prey then they surround it and attack it.

I hope you enjoyed my post about coyotes and what they eat, where it lives, and how it looks like. My opinion on coyotes are they are interesting animals. They are interesting animals because they have a population that’s not going down which means they are NOT an animal that are about to be extinct.

Here is a link that has information about coyotes:

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