June 15

Should We Ban Plastic Bags

Imagine yourself as a fish. You see a weird thing that is clear. You try to eat it and you suffocate. Later you become a shark’s dinner which means that the shark is now polluted too. Think of all the creatures that eat plastic and die. I think we should ban plastic, especially plastic bags. Plastic trash ends up in the ocean and can really harm marine life.  Another reason for banning plastic is all plastic bags can also contribute to global climate change.

To begin with plastic trash often ends up in the ocean. Have you ever heard of a trash island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? This  island is made up of trash that is the size of Texas that is still growing in size. Trash island is estimated to be about 5,800,000 square miles!  For instance plastic bags are usually only used for twenty minutes and then begin the journey to the ocean through the sewers, because most owners of the bags just leave them in the street to be blown away into the sewers. Did you know that more than 17 billion pounds of plastic trash ends up in the ocean each year?

Second, plastic bags can be harmful to marine life. For instance in Norway 30 plastic bags were found in the stomach of a beached whale.  Plastic bags consumed could lead to death by suffocation which is very sad. Did you know that at least 1 million seabirds and 100,000 mammals die each year from plastic materials.

Third, plastic bags can also contribute to global climate change.  Plastic bags are made out of a material that will release greenhouse gases when they decompose. Which is a very big core material in global climate change. The amount of trash that is burned each year in the dump will make massive impact on global climate change. Climate change will heat up the earth melt all of the ice in the world and make more water which will consume all the land in the world.

I think we should ban plastic bags. Did you know that California banned plastic bags last November? I say every state should do that. It’s easy to think plastic bags do not do any harm to the environment and can be recycled, but most don’t recycle them and put them in the regular trash or let them blow away. When you face the facts really plastic bags add to global climate change, harm marine life, and end up in our oceans or landfills. In the end you are sacrificing creatures to your benefit to live in your everyday life. Next time you go to the store think twice about your plastic bag or paper bag choice.

Photo credit: https://nuscimag.com/the-ocean-needs-you-not-your-trash-7d5967aa9e83

May 15

Littering should be stopped    

Stop Trashing My Ocean ...Creative Commons License Ingrid Taylar via Compfight

Littering is damaging the environment. The problem with littering is that it’s poisoning the environment. Garbage is making its way into rivers and oceans, which is hurting animals like sea life birds and more. It seems like trash is thrown everywhere but a trashcan! Do you know how big the problem is? Have you ever seen pictures of the Pacific Garbage Patch? It is literally a floating island of plastic trash. It swirls around the sea, and surprisingly, it’s 2 times the size of Texas!

Animals are choking, getting trapped in trash and eating plastic and other garbage. Populations of fish are dying because of trash harming them, which is affecting the food chain. If the little fish dies, the big fish can’t eat it, and it ends up not finding food, and passing away. Some trash can be wrapped around an animal, and the animal chokes and dies

Carelessness of trash getting into bad places is NOT okay. Just by letting a small piece of trash, you could cause the death of a sea animal. It sounds like that’s crazy, but it could happen. Sea animals are so innocent, you don’t want to let a turtle die? Do you?

I think littering shouldn’t be done at all no matter what. Trash you throw on the ground could be blown into the sea where a bird or an animal could choke on it, So it should be stopped. It’s already illegal to do it, so don’t! It’s meaningless to drop trash on the ground when there’s literally a trash can 15 feet away! And that’s why you should never litter… EVER.

January 15

Trash Hurts

mégots de cigarette

Fifty percent of all liter is cigarette butts.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Eric delcroix via Compfight

How Trash Gets to the Ocean

Lots of trash ends up in the ocean. How does it get there? Well, some people through cigar butts or other trash out there car windows or while they walk down streets or alleys. The trash gets pushed over to the side of the road or to the sidewalk. Most people don’t bother to pick up and throw away trash thats not theirs, but if they don’t they’re just helping the trash get to our waterways. Then after a big rain the trash flows down the streets, caught in the rush of water, to the sewers and then to the ocean. There the trouble begins. Nine billion tons of trash ends up in the ocean every year.

 Ocean Animals

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean and seen a piece of trash floating in the water? Well you should pick it up and throw it away. Animals like fish will eat this trash and die, a dolphin mite eat the fish then the dolphin dies to.  A seal or a turtle sees a plastic bag, thinking that it is a jellyfish the seal eats it. After this the seal can drown, starve, or choke, all a slow and painful process. Any ocean creature can get sick, severely injured, or even die. Sometimes when a baby turtle swims they can swim into a plastic holder for soda and can get stuck. When there shell grows their body can become deformed.

Land Mammals

When you throw a fishing line away, make sure that you put it in the trash. If you don’t, the fishing line can get caught on the legs, wings, and necks of animals. Do you drink liquid that comes in a glass bottle? You should put it in the trash or recycle. If the glass falls and breaks pick up the pieces because, when a coyote or a fox goes by the glass pieces it can get stuck in their paws and can hurt them. Cans are dangerous because when a mouse or other small mammal gets its head stuck in the can they can die because they can’t get there head out. Then they starve or die of thirst.


Trash is everywhere in the ocean, in the air, and on the ground. Litter is there because of humans. We through out so much trash and most of that can be recycled or made into dirt. Trash makes neighborhoods and yards ugly. If you’re having a party or a get together you don’t want trash flying around. The trash uses too much money to clean up. If we use all our money to get trash to the dumps then families will have no money to get food and other needs. The government won’t be able to pay their workers and if everyone has no money, then no one will go to the stores and they will close. About $11.5 billion is spent on the litter, just to get it cleaned up. If you don’t want to pay that much then don’t litter.

To Hard to Stop Littering

Some people say its to hard to stop littering. “There is already too much trash in and on the world. It would cost a lot and it would be to hard to clean up. The world is fine, we don’t all have to change our ways. Maybe only a couple million people need to stop. Then all of the other people can keep their routines.”

People need to stop littering. Its not that hard, its just common sense! Animals are suffering, humans are in trouble, you don’t want any of this to happen because of you. So make your mark and end the pain, stop littering.

December 3

Let’s make trash extinct!

Coastal Zone Management Act 40th Anniversary - NOAA


Calling all the people! Calling all the people! Trash is bad! Boats, jet skis, and ships are putting bad oils in our waters. Metal cans may take about 50 years to biodegrade, biodegrade means break down or disintegrated, so remember that soda can you left on the beach a few days ago… yup it’s still there! And did you know plastic bags take up to 450 years to biodegrade in the ocean! That’s a long time! Thousands of helpless sea creatures are dying because of this mess, and you can help them!

Mark your calendars! The Annual California Clean the Beach Day is coming up and its on Saturday, September 21! So… get up and clean! Everybody can help! The annual California Clean the beach day is runned by the california government and is trying their best to make trash extinct on their shores. The annual California clean the beach Day is also yearly event that happens every year and its coming up! Even though you don’t live in california you can still help! Just go to your local beach and clean up!

This pollution in the water isn’t helping the water. Giant oil spills happen all the time, oil goes in the water and stays there, for a long, long time, until something eats it…

Places like Pearl Harbor, Hawaii have lots of shipwrecks, some worse than others. Pearl Harbor is a lagoon harbor on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands is a United States Army deep-water naval base. It is also the headquarters of the United Pacific Fleet. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Jan on Sunday, December 7, 1941 brought the United States into World War II . The great navy ship that has been blown up by Japan in Pearl Harbor is still leaking tons and tons of oil everyday! And can you believe that Navy Ship has been leaking for over about a hundred years! And you can even see the ship in person!

Clean up the ocean! Its not just the beach, its the water! Do you surf, swim, or even boggie board? When you swallow enough of the stuff in the water it can make you sick and even maybe shorten your lifespan! The gas from boats, don’t help. Have you heard of the giant floating island in the middle of the pacific ocean? Thats not the only one theres about 15 of them! So.. get up and help! Lets make trash extinct!

November 13

Stop Ocean Pollution Now

About 14 billion pounds of trash is in the ocean right now. Do you care about that? People throw cigarette butts in the water off the boardwalk and dump sewage of their boat and that’s just really gross. I’m an ocean person I go sailing and surfing and when I see a trash bag or soda can all I think is how selfish whoever did that is. Ocean pollution kills animals, and spoils the beauty of our ocean.

When it rains the rain washes it in the rain gutter then it all goes to the ocean then the ocean current pulls it into the middle of the ocean. In the ocean there are all these floating islands of trash from all the currents in the sea. Out of all of them they weigh up to 14 billion pounds. About 70% of that is from people littering on the street.

Every year more than 100,000 marine animals die because of pollution (that means trash too.) Fish get stuck in fishing nets, lobsters get stuck in coke cans, and bad liquids kill multiple animals. All of this we can use for resources so by polluting the ocean where also wasting things that we can use for resources.

If we stop polluting the ocean we won’t kill animals and it wouldn’t ruin the fun for others.  All of this comes from us and we need to put a stop to it or the ocean will soon be a giant bowl of water full of junk. I know that if we work together that won’t happen. So if you through your trash in trash cans and dispose of boat waist in the right spot you and others would be much more happy.

Image source: http://www.oceansoffun.org/index.php/147