January 17

School Uniforms Should be Banned

There Shouldn’t be School Uniforms.

by Tawnie


Did you know that 63% of people say no to school uniforms? Most American schools don’t have school uniforms but lots are making the shift. School uniforms should be banned from all schools.They’re uncreative, and they can be very expensive.



     Some kids wear silly or fancy clothes to school and that’s their style. If kids like that get introduced to uniforms that aren’t their style they can be misled, meaning kids will judge them and think they’re no fun.



   School uniforms are also very uncreative. Most school uniforms are drab, they’re usually black or gray. If kids are wearing dull colors no one can express themselves, if they like to dress crazy, they should be allowed.



Can you guess how much school uniforms cost? Lets just say that they can be in between $255-$420. Retailers are being shut out of this $675 million market. Did you know that secondary schools are now selling uniforms for $420 and primary schools are selling them for $255.


Who wants to be uncreative, unidentified or spend a lot of money on clothes. Would you like to be one of those people? Some people say school uniforms can save time in the morning and they make everyone look the same, but that’s boring rushing in the morning is what makes life fun and interesting.