December 9

Vending machines are moving up

Coke Machine In Reno Curtis Perry via Compfight

Vending machines have come a very long way since the British inventor Percival Everitt invented coin contraction now called a vending machine. That was in 1833 and look how far the vending machine has come. I bet you love vending machines when you are on the go and get chocolate. Now they accept credit cards and dispense electronics like phones iPad chargers steaming hot pizza cold sodas water etc. But now the vending machine is going to the next level. Now they dispense…(drum roll please)…CARS! Yes, cars! How cool is that?
I think the vending machines are now the coolest they can get. Just imagine how cool  it is to get a car from a vending machine! Auto sales company have been working on this since 2013. That’s close to 3 years. However, the awesome car vending machine that opened in Atlanta required the customers to go through a special process before they get their brand new car. That requirement was not needed at the 5 story glass vending machine in Nashville. All you needed was to insert a special coin, (that’s worth a lot of money) choose what car you want, and drive away! What do you think they should put in vending machines next?