December 12

Skyrim, one incredible game


this is ALDUIN from skyrim

Skyrim is an awesome video game! In skyrim you must kill ALDUIN the dragon or you can roam and do what ever you want!!!But there are many challenges in your way like dragons, giants, and even vampires. When you play you must make smart moves like not trying to kill a greybeard, that will kill you not them. There are also quests that even can make you a werewolf that you control!!!Also do NOT mess with a giant [ last time I did they killed me]. In SKYRIM you can get diseases and even put into JAIL for things like lyconthropy (turning into a werewolf in sight of a guard or civilian). Also along with that things like stealing or worse MURDER.There are many giants in skyrim that herd mammoths so if you see a mammoth stay away… unless you have the right equipment ( dragon bone or Daedric armors are the best ) and plenty of potions. ┬áThere are also DLC packs that add extra things and quests like the dawnguard .

This game is rated M for mature only so ask a parent before playing Skyrim. This game gives the spirit of adventure and survival. Also, the graphics are amazing because they are super realistic.