January 22

Violent Video Games Are Bad For YOU!

Did you know that most of the teens that hurt or kill someone usually play violent video games?Violent video games are bad for you and should be banned from teens and younger kids.Violent video games increase violent acts, make teens and kids eat more, cheat more, and harshly affects their grades.

First off, how do violent video games make people eat more?There are three reasons why violent video games make people eat more.One, They keep you inside and you do not get enough exercise so you do not burn enough calories. Two, When kids are inside that don’t get enough exercise so you get fat.Three, A couple years ago some people did a test and the violent one ate more, we don’t why but it still remains a mystery.

How do violent video games make people cheat more? First they destroy self control which makes them cheat. 2nd Violent video games have a lot of cheats so you can get better. Then when it relates back to physical games you try to cheat to get better. 3rd a couple years ago they did a test to win raffle tickets and the violent video game player cheated. you

Finally, How do violent video games affect grades? First, they destroy brain cells. 2nd, people have found out that violent video games destroy self controle so your mind is thinking about video games instead of studying for a test. A couple years ago some people did a research and found out that the non violent video game player  did better on a test.

Finally, kids should ban violent video games because people have done many studies and proved that violent video games are very bad for kids. Also I have found out that my.

Look for this video! http://video.foxnews.com/v/2680782671001/the-impact-of-violent-video-games/?#sp=show-clips